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Full circle

January 14, 2011

Happy days xxxxx

Well it’s been a frenetic few weeks. Christmas has come and gone in a blur, complete with a visit from The Boychild. It was great to have him down again, although we’re firmly into the teenage years now with all that this entails (bless him).

Notice was handed in and gracefully received by Ford although they seemed genuinely sorry that I was leaving. Re-assuringly, both my manager and a more senior figure asked me to stay in touch and to let them know if things didn’t work out, both assuring me that a place would almost certainly be found for me within the group somewhere if I ever needed it. Although I sometimes felt like I’d never get to grips with it in the early days, I’m chalking my brief foray into car sales up as a success and walking away with my head held high. Job well done.

The new year finds The Blonde and I planning new adventures for later in the year, possibly with or without the use of aeroplanes (a drive down to and through Italy is potentially large on the radar at the moment).

The magazine writing finally seems to be gathering some momentum. My last review was very well received, I’ve been given a contract for a new monthly piece, we’re organising the next big review (number three!), and The Editor has asked me to put together a schedule of ongoing reviews for this year. If I can get this finally into some kind of regularity after nearly two years of trying I shall be a very happy Charlie indeed. It does finally appear to be pointing the right way though.

But the over-riding theme of the moment is that I’m now fully ensconced in my new job, back in the world I have known and loved (and loathed at times) for over twenty years, rebuilding contacts and trying to build up business. There’s lots to do but it feels great to be back.

And so, my friends, we reach the end of the adventure as far as the blog goes. The sometimes scary, often frustrating, frequently fun, but never dull rollercoaster ride of redundancy, unemployment, job searching, Polite Hatchback piloting, writing career building, motorway trekking, car sales hustling, Blonde dating, flight angst-ing, sportscar driving, rain dancing, occasional posh hotel dwelling, Boychild parenting, head hunting smorgasbord of life over the last nearly two years see’s me finally back where I started, albeit working for a different (and in many ways better) company.

Thank you so much for coming along for the ride.