Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Hullo! xxxxx

When I was commissioned to write the latest feature for The Editor I’d called upon a couple of old contacts from my previous profession who kindly came up with the goods we needed for the review. “Call in when you’re up here”, said Phil, the boss of one company I’d spoken to, “be good to catch up”. So after we’d finished the review I’d called into his smart cherrywood lined office to shoot the breeze prior to returning home, only to get rather somewhat more than I’d bargained for.

“We’d like you to come and work for us Charlie” came the shock revelation from Phil after five minute of small talk. We’re sat round his expansive desk with his co director Andy, a chap who’d run a separate office in my previous company long ago in the dim and distant past and who I’d always enjoyed working with. “You’ve got a first rate reputation within the industry and we’re looking to develop into your area. You’re the perfect person to head it up for us”. I was absolutely flabbergasted, it really was the last thing I’d expected to hear. I explained that I was really looking to try and promote my writing career. “Perfect, do that too, fit it around what you’re doing for us, we’ll pay you half an income, a good commission rate, you can make the rest out of writing and we’ll all be happy. You’ll never make enough out of just writing anyway”. It was a fair point.

I left an hour later reeling at the prospect. What an opportunity! As ever, however, the “buts” and “what if’s” where flying around my mind, bouncing off the inside of my skull as I piloted my dark blue MX5 home. But I’ve finally got settled and am making money selling cars. What if the continuing recession means there are still no customers for high value entirely discretionary luxury goods? But I’ll lose my company car, just as I’ve finally managed to squeeze a vaguely interesting top of the range Fiesta Titanium loaded with toys out of our fleet manager. What if I’ve forgotten how to do it? But I’ll lose the security of what has fast become an established position at Ford.

The thoughts had continued to bounce off each other over the next day or two, so I’d decided to try and push The Editor for more writing work, if I could get promise of some more writing then I wouldn’t be entirely dependant on this new avenue, which would give me some security. Predictably I’d hit a brick wall there. I’d told my prospective employers that I’d get back to them within a few days and true to my word and with heavy heart I emailed them as promised and told them I was extremely flattered by their offer but was drawing a complete blank on the writing front and as such couldn’t rely on any income from that direction whatsoever. So thanks, but no thanks.

And with that I’d told them I was away for a week and fled to Cyprus.

My phone was completely silent in whilst I was away, no signal meant no calls, no texts and no email. Seems Richard Branson hasn’t ventured that far south east, the Virgin network effectively dead. But once back home my email lit up. The Editor had sprung to life, an email conveying that he liked my article (hooray!) and the next few days passed in a plethora of emails back and forth as we tidied up the details and I wrote sub boxes to go with the main body. There was even talk of re-photographing the subjects for the main front cover feature, now that would be spectacular!

But more than that there was an email from Phil and Andy.

“Forget the writing for now, come and talk to us again, we’re sure we can work something out that would suit you”.



5 Responses to “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…”

  1. Lurking Ladybird Says:

    Just shows, positive things come to positive people. xx

  2. AJ2 Says:

    Wow- head hunted! They must think highly of you…

  3. AJ2 Says:

    But selling’s what you do well- look at your track record. If you’ve got it, use it. The things you regret in life aren’t the things you do, but the things you don’t do. Go Charlie go!

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