Final day

Happy landings xxxxx

Final day in Cyprus and it’s mixed feelings as the joy of such a successful trip in such splendid weather is tinged with the inevitable sadness at the end of our wonderful break in the sun. We pack and vacate our room, leaving our luggage with reception and walking the coast path back into town in a hunt for gifts and souvenirs for those back home. We return to the hotel for a final lunch by the pool and at 1:45pm precisely a white Mercedes waits at reception to whisk us back to the airport. As we rattle back out across now familiar ground I notice the gauge on the dashboard reads 25 degrees. We won’t be seeing that temperature again anytime soon. We check in and begin the interminable wait followed by the obligatory crowded rush for boarding and the best seats.

Bagging ourselves a couple of seats by the window we wait for the aircraft to taxi out before hurtling down the runway and throwing itself at the sky. Out of the window the Mediterranean performs one last spectacular sunset for us throwing a fiery blaze across the ocean as my grip tightens on The Blonde’s hand.

What if.. What if??

Happy happy holiday xxxxx


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