See sighting

Pathos Harbour

Morning dawns clear, bright, and warm, temperatures already in the low twenties, setting the pattern for the week. We stroll down for a late breakfast and find ourselves outside on the terrace looking over the pool and warmed by a gentle whispering breeze. Bliss.

Mid morning we have an appointment with Helga The Stern German Tour Rep. She’s lovely, but very firm about the places we must go “see sighting” and that “ve must not rent bikes, is Very Danger”. She’s a mine of useful info and The Blonde pours over the maps with her and asks lots of useful questions I’d never have thought of.

Released from our grilling we head to our room and the brand new snorkel gear I’d bought the week before we left. Changing into our swimming gear (The Blonde looks absolutely fabulous in a swimming costume) we grab complementary beach towels and head for the rocky shoreline and the pontoon that extends out to sea. Lowering ourselves gingerly into the water it’s initially cold but surprisingly warm once fully immersed and a great time is had flippering up and down and pointing excitedly at fishies.

Later we take a bus into Paphos (it’s a 30 minute walk along the coast but simply too hot in the midday heat) and find our way to the harbour. Just being by the gently lapping turquoise Mediterranean sea is immensely calming and we wander out onto the breakwater admiring the eclectic collection of boats (everything from the most basic local fishing boat to a fifty foot Sunseeker) and watch a sport fisher power out to sea with a fishing party on board.

A late lunch is a relaxed affair that takes up most of our afternoon. We’re sat on the quay outside one of the many bars and restaurants that border the harbourside, under the sun shades watching the world amble by as the sun sinks slowly behind us. It’s what we both came here for, warm sunshine, and total relaxation.

As the midday heat starts to fade we wander back along the coast path, sun setting spectacularly and turning the sea a blaze of gently rippled molten gold. We reach our hotel as darkness falls, yet it’s still shirtsleeves warm well into the night.

A late dinner looked after by smartly dressed and attentive staff and so to bed at the end of our first full day in paradise.


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