Brick wall

Worth being late for...

If it’s not too pretentious a thing to say, I felt genuinely inspired by the subject of my last three way review for The Editor. All of the subjects were high quality high performance highly desirable items, and I’d enjoyed my time with them very much.

I’d already written the bulk of the review a week before I got near them working on my previous knowledge, the actual hands on experience would merely fill in the blanks. After spending a glorious day with them I came home and substantially re-wrote much of the article concentrating instead on their more cerebral joys. The words flowed and I had it penned in a couple of evenings and a long Sunday morning. I fired it across to The Blonde for a grammar check (she’s so much betterer at the Inglush Lingwage than mi), gave it a final run through and tweak that evening, and fired it off to The Editor to be on his desk when he arrived for work Monday morning. I was pleased with it, very pleased, even more so than my previous published article.

That was nearly three weeks ago, and despite a degree of communication, punctuated by couple of subtle reminders (and one not so subtle), I’ve heard absolutely nothing on the subject since.

Frustrating would be an understatement. More to the point, The Editor’s plans for an article a month simply cannot happen if he takes three weeks just to read my filed copy, let alone the organisational time that goes into it.

So, not for the first time, I feel like I’m back to banging my head against a wall.

Good job the cars are still selling…


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