Curves unlimited... xxxxx

8:15am. I plip the central locking and the door mirrors of my latest Fiesta electronically unfold from their parked position flush against the door, whirring smoothly out with a discreet single long flash of the indicators, sidelights fading on in unison, all of which I find strangely pleasing. I pull open the door, drop into the driving seat and swing the door shut. Seatbelt on, engine on, radio on, and we’re off, to the cheery morning greeting of Chris Evans on Radio Two. Thus begins the soundtrack to my day.

8:30am. The car is parked on the forecourt, price tag positioned in the window and up for sale. I do this for two reasons, firstly if we sell it I get a new one (not that there’s anything wrong with this one, I just like getting new cars), and secondly if it’s out the front it gets cleaned everyday. Inside it’s computer on, launch Kerridge, open emails, and switch on the showroom radio for more Evans in the morning. I used to really dislike Chris Evans, but since he’s taken over from Terry Wogan he’s completely turned my opinion around. I read his autobiography recently, it’s fascinating, and indeed he admits himself that success went to his head some little while ago and he lost the plot. He’s back with a vengeance now though, and has turned his morning show into the most popular broadcast in Europe! A really brilliant and gifted broadcaster.

9:30am and the day is getting under way, marked by the transition to Ken Bruce, a sort of poor man’s Terry Wogan. Pop Master is as annoying as usual and the “humorous” by play with the traffic girl a tad wearing. Normally we’ll start to see a customer or two by now though so it fades to the background.

12:00pm and Jeremy Vine hits the airwaves, marking lunchtime. If I’m free the start of the show see’s my retreat to the back room, lunchbox in one hand, this weeks Autocar in the other, for a half hour break. Back out and Jeremy is stuck firmly into his first great debate of the day. He covers some interesting topics but inevitably just as it’s getting interesting my listening is interrupted by the need to head off another customer on the forecourt before they make good their escape. Almost daily I promise myself I’ll catch up with a topic that night on iplayer. I never ever do.

2:00pm. “Zany” Steve Wright hits the airwaves and we’re well into the afternoon session. Another brilliant presenter, he never fails to raise a smile through the monotony of the long afternoon.

5:00pm. Drive Time with Simon Mayo, his “Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think” theme tune a relief as it heralds the fast approaching end of play and time to do the daily banking, check the cars are locked, reset the security cameras and finally wind up another long tedious day and get the heck out of there.

5:30pm and I’m greeted by the shiny freshly washed Fiesta’s mirrors perking up like an eager dog at the plip of the key. It’s time to go. Drive Time on the radio, thoughts of sales made or the ones that got away playing though my head on the short journey home before I can shut the door on another day at the coal face.

Same again yesterday, same again tomorrow. The daily soundtrack rolls on and on.


2 Responses to “Soundtrack”

  1. matt Says:

    Got to admit, I always thought of your as a Radio 1 listener still. Your love for Radio 2 gives your age away, and belies any edgy salesman persona. do you have slippers waiting when you get home?

  2. charliecroker Says:

    Radio One is for children and illiterates Matt! 😀

    As to the slippers, I can neither confirm nor deny the allegation. (Especially deny…!)

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