Lovely weekend... xxxxx

A three day minibreak saw The Blonde and I on my annual pilgrimage to the Southampton Boatshow in my sporty little MX5 (which, incidentally, has turned dark blue and sprouted air conditioning, leather, and a Bose hi fi since last I mentioned it). Time off in September is a tricky blighter due it being a new registration month, and took some concentrated negotiating. As it happens I didn’t miss much, an encouraging flurry at the end of August which saw me selling as many cars in three days as I had the preceding four weeks faded to nothing at the onset of the new month as an eerie quiet settled once more across the motor industry.

A good time was had looking at boats I can’t afford (which was most of them) followed by a very pleasant evening with a close friend and his wife who live in the vicinity. The following morning we were up bright and early for a trip up to Bath for the day and a stay in a very posh hotel that night, before returning home later the following day. Those who’ve followed (or read) this blog from the off might recall I visited the show last year, just weeks before I started the adventure of my new job. It felt curious to be making the same trip twelve months on but feeling like an old hand at work now.

Excitingly, we even wangled a meeting with The Editor into the weekend. He’d expressed a desire for a chat when last we exchanged emails. I think my thwarted decision to hang up my writing hat may have gently touched a nerve, as he was full of plans and ideas for me to work on and keen to express his desire for my input through next year. I’m still not holding my breath on this one but the vibe is strong and good on the writing front right now, provided of course that I can deliver, which is the challenge in amongst the day job.

In the meantime work continues on the project he gave me a couple of weeks ago. Much of the writing is already done, but I need to collate facts and figures (the boring bit) and also try and arrange some “hands on” time with the products (the difficult but exciting bit). If I can get this one pulled off and put to bed I shall start to feel that progress is finally being made I think.

And back in the real world (or as close as I get) I continue to schlep into work every day in the hope of dragging a reluctant purchase out of the ever sparser number of punters that cross our forecourt. Not the most fun profession in the world right now, particularly during these dark recessionary times, the worst of which, I’m convinced, has not yet passed.

I really need to get this writing going properly.


One Response to “Minibreak”

  1. AJ2 Says:

    Nice to see you back after a long absence!

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