Good luck with the new plan! xxxxxx

I sat for a long time gazing contemplatively at the email I’d just written. Did I really want to be sending this, killing the dream perhaps for good? I’d already made the decision, hence the email in front of me which had been written and re-written again and again in an attempt to end things on as cordial but final note as possible. It was to The Editor, from whom I’d heard nothing since our last communications had fizzled out on his side once again. Enough was enough, it was time to take the hint and bite this particular bullet.

It had been worth a try, and I was very chuffed with my one and only full comparison review I’d had published, seven pages of glorious technicolour spread across the inside of an international magazine, it even had a mention on the front cover.

But it seems that I am a car salesman now, and earning a reasonable living from it too, which was after all Priority One when I was laid off back in early 09.

So the email thanked him for all his time, suggested we wind up my monthly column also, and offered a friendly parting on the the best of terms. I sighed and hit send. Gone. Done.

Twenty minute later a soft double tone gently announced incoming email. I clicked over to Outlook, a reply from The Editor. I opened it expecting the usual polite acceptance and good wishes for the future that inevitable accompany the final goodbye.

“Hi Charlie, did you not get my last email? I’m revamping the used section of the mag from January and I’ve got you very much pencilled in for a regular full slot. Quite understand if you want to call it a day but I hope not”.

Now I’ve heard this before but this felt different, mainly because if he had been trying to give me the polite brush off I’d just dropped the ultimate opportunity straight into his lap. All he’d needed to do was to thank me for my efforts to date, wish me well and I was out of his hair for good. But instead I had this request to stay on board, and an outline of a potential commission.

I decided that if this was going to start up again it was going to have to start up properly. I wrote straight back, no I didn’t want to quit, I just felt it was going that way, yes I’d like the slot, give me some specifications and I’ll crack on!

Half a dozen email exchanges later I’d got it in the bag, word count and full details of what was required, a proper commission, job on!

So the proverbial fat lady hasn’t sung after all, we’re back in the game!

I’m going to really start to push this now though, I want this to happen.


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