Ouch! xxxx

One hundred! The number of posts I’ve made on this blog, and as of this week the number of cars I’ve sold since joining my local Ford dealership toward the end of last year. Which, given that last year was very much a steep learning curve during which I didn’t sell very many, isn’t bad going.

But by jove it’s boring whilst it’s quiet. And the truth is that it isn’t that interesting when it’s busy, although at least time passes more quickly.

And the big question this brings me too is, would it be that much more interesting if I were selling a marque rather more exciting than Ford? Would dealing Aston Martins engage me more fully? Would Audi light my fire on a daily basis? Would selling for Porsche see me leaping into action more eagerly at the sound of my Stephen Fry voiced Jeeves alarm clock? And, I muse, what sort of company cars do the salesmen (I struggle with the official term of “Sales Executive” for my role, there’s nothing particularly executive about it) of these marques drive? Is the grass really greener, the cars faster, the salary higher, and crucially, the job more interesting?

The trouble is that I’ve already carved myself a fairly comfortable niche at Ford. I get on well with the guys here, the manager is a very decent and supportive cove, and most of all it’s local. Admittedly it’s Sunday as I write this, but I cracked a record six minute journey time this morning. Even in the worst of the weekday rush hour it’s never normally more than about ten. All the big city main dealers are based, unsurprisingly, in the big city nearly an hour away from home. And they open till six (we shut at 5:30) Do I really want to add ten hours (more than an entire working day) to my working week?

And more than that the cars we deal in seem, in the main, to attract normal pleasant generally easy to deal with folk. Call me cynical, but I can’t help but wonder whether your typical Aston Martin buyer might have, to put it politely, a slightly more demanding persona.

And indeed, I still believe we’ve not necessarily seen the worst of this recession. A small provincial dealership dealing with good straightforward mainstream new and used stock isn’t a bad place to sit it out.

So for all these reasons and more I find myself sitting tight and biding my time. But just occasionally, when I’m sat in my Ford Fiesta and I see an Audi S5 Cabriolet or a Porsche 911 burble quietly by, I think hmmm…


2 Responses to “100”

  1. Mike Wright Says:

    Er Charlie,
    Unless I have misunderstood doesn’t half an hour x five = two and a half hours and not 10 hours?
    Love your blog though.

    • charliecroker Says:

      Hi Mike, thanks for the nice comments, very kind of you.

      Add in the extra commuting time I’d need to commit each day… :-S



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