Boy racer

London calling, London calling... xxxxx

Flicking through the various glossy Ford brochures one peaceful afternoon (yup, it’s that quiet) I was struck by a performance enhancing optional extra available on just one specific model within the range. The brochure reads thus:

Eibach suspension-lowering kit: The Eibach suspension-lowering kit enhances driving performance and handling as well as giving a more sporty appearance. Lowers the car by approximately 30mm.

See if you can guess which shining example of Ford’s dynamic range of motorcars might attract the sort of buyer who would be particularly interested in enhancing the looks and dynamics of his vehicle, so interested in fact that Ford deem it worth offering such an option as this?

Wrong, it’s the Ford Fusion!

I’m just off to replace the needle of my Bizarrometer, it seems to have got bent when it went off the scale…


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One Response to “Boy racer”

  1. AJ2 Says:

    Maybe it’s quiet at the moment because everyone’s waiting for the new number plates? Or it could be because everyone who was going to change their car did so under the scrappage scheme- there were a lot of 10 number plates on the motorway this week. Keep the faith, Charlie, things will look up sooner or later.

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