So far, so good.

Christmas snuggles...

As Christmas approaches and life slows a little in the car sales world I come to you in a contemplative mood tonight. We’re still shifting metal but the joys of Christmas preparations are clearly taking their time and toll on potential punters and we’re finding a little slack in the day, which is rather nice actually. Time to slow down and take stock.

So where are we at? Or more specifically, where am I at?

Well I seem to be finding my groove, slotting in. The thick fog of admin is starting to become a little clearer, not gone completely but more of a light mist with fog patches these days. I can muddle through most of it with little intervention. The computerised customer handling/car ordering/deposit taking/finance arranging/order form creating computer system called Kerridge is still proving a complete mystery however. Bits of it I can cope with, some of it I’m positively adroit at, but stringing it all together? No.

The journalism side of things rumbles on at it’s inexorably slow rate, but I did finally get to do that review, complete with photographer and engineer so who knows, if The Editor likes what I throw together it could yet prove to be a catalyst for future options. We shall see.

That Saab convertible sadly never came in so I missed out there. Funnily enough I spotted an identical one on the motorway today, could even have been the same one in fact, and it’s such a lovely looking car. But I’m a big believer in fate and I guess it wasn’t to be. Probably too soon to be thinking about such toys anyway so hey ho, onward and upward, maybe next year.

The Blonde is still very much in evidence, more so than ever in fact. It feels almost like a proper grown up relationship, a novelty for me but in a very good and positive way. She is of course more beautiful, wise, kind, supportive and warmhearted than ever. (Hello Al!) And she’s keeping the Polite Hatchback clean despite the filthy weather, bless her! We’re even spending Christmas together, awww…

Other than that, all pretty quiet on the Western Front. I’m not a winter person, I prefer to hibernate and wait for spring. Actually I’d prefer to jet out to Sandy Lane or Necker Island for the winter months, but I may have to find something just a tad more rewarding than car sales before I’m able to make that a reality.

But as we drift quietly toward Christmas I have to report that after what can best be described as an “interesting” year the vibe generally is good. Whilst not quite the dream ticket, life at Ford is proving comfortable and financially supportive, and good place to hide and ride out the financial turbulence that I fear hasn’t buffeted it’s last yet, and I think if nothing else it will prove a good move for the future.

I’m sure next year will be the start of fresh challenges and adventures and a blog full of rants, raves, and raconteurs, but for the moment I’m feeling mellow, settled, happy and generally at peace with the world.

So it just remains for me to thank you for all your support and good wishes this year, it really has been and still is genuinely appreciated.

And wish you all a very happy Christmas.


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6 Responses to “So far, so good.”

  1. Rob C Says:

    And a,well derserved, Merry Christmas to you both!

    Your blog has been engrossing and inspirational reading, It’s just a pity the DWP management haven’t read it!


  2. viva Says:

    Thanks for a great blog Charlie!

    Here’s hoping 2010 holds all the good things that you and the blonde deserve and none of the trials of this year.

  3. ilostmyjob Says:

    Here is wishing you all the best this holiday season. 2010 must be better than 2009. We can only go up from here.

    Dustin Norman
    Communications Manager

  4. Jill Ashmore Says:

    The Blonde sounds like a keeper- look after her! Good to know your year’s ended well. Keep up with the blog.

  5. clare Says:

    Thumbs up CC. Interesting year is a bit of an understatement…..a year of total change and upheaval but all for the good. Same for me too.

  6. Pat (MSE) Says:

    Every time you mention The Blonde I go all gooey inside. Wish I could say the same about the cars lol.

    Ever since you first started recording your journey it has had success written all over it, because that’s the type of guy you are. Inspirational.

    Have an excellent 2010 – I just know you will.

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