Idiot lights.

Don't fret... xxx

Arriving at work one bitterly cold day this week my early morning reverie was shattered by a phone call from an anxious customer. It seemed she’d been startled that same morning by a warning light that had mysteriously appeared on her dashboard. Was it ok to continue to drive the car, should she book it in to be checked?

I was about to politely transfer her to the service department and return to my early morning contemplation of life, the universe, and everything when I had a sudden suspicion. Could she describe the light to me, I wondered? Was there anything a little different about it?

Why, yes there was now I mentioned it, she reported. It wasn’t a usual round lamp, it had a jagged edge. A little like a snowflake in fact. What could it possibly mean?

“Simple my dear lady, it means you’re too stupid to own a car. Please sell it at once and catch the bus from now on” I replied. In my head. I smiled down the phone and gently explained to her that there was no cause for alarm, it was simply the “frost alert” that triggered below five degrees centigrade to warn the driver of the possibility of ice on the road.

There’s always one I mused, replacing the handset.

An hour later a chap dropped in. He was on holiday, didn’t have his handbook in the car, was concerned about a mysterious warning light that had appeared on the dash of his C-Max.

It seems that there is in fact more that one…


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2 Responses to “Idiot lights.”

  1. Pat (MSE) Says:

    Ahem …

  2. Pat (MSE) Says:

    That comment had a mock blushing smiley following, but it seems to have lost something in translation. Oh for an edit button. See to it please Charlie!

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