Deep under cover…

I'd rather be undercover with you... xxx

Report to M. London.

Scrambler code #901845.

Report follows:

Have penetrated the innermost sanctum of car sales lair, deep undercover.

Have discovered many secrets and unearthed various plots.

However main mission so far unsuccessful, regret as yet am no nearer to uncovering the ultimate mystery.

Am still unable to discern quite why they insist on displaying cars on the forecourt with the tailgates up.

Will remain undercover until can shed further light on this..

007 out.


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3 Responses to “Deep under cover…”

  1. agentio Says:

    To give the interior an airing?, to stop mould growing. Ive noticed loads of cars at big cars supermarkets are full of mould!. ew.

  2. Rob C Says:

    So you can see how many bodies,sorry that should read packages, that you can fit in?


  3. John Carter Says:

    I know that BMW dealerships do this with the 1 series so that people might commit to buying before they realise how ugly the back end looks…

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