Gran Turismo

Yeehaa!!!! xxx

The lights turn green and I floor it down the empty dual carriageway ahead of me. It’s been a while since I’ve driven anything truly quick I mused as the car lunges off the line to a healthy bark from the engine behind me. German engineering is quite special, and this was a special car, I’d been itching to have a go in it ever since it quietly appeared in part exchange one day.

As the turbo kicks in and the growl turns swiftly from an angry snarl through a lusty roar to a banzai howl I reach forward and nudge the sequential shift semi automatic forward. A brief pause as second gear engages and another jolt of power flings the car forward, engine back in the meat of the turbo boost zone.

Moments later the engine crescendos toward the rev limiter and I dial in third, the rear tyres bite again. I find myself grinning inanely as, barely abated, the eager engine powers its way through third before the speed limit and my necessity for a driving licence see me backing off, clicking into fifth and easing the speed back down.

20 minutes later I’m on the drive at Blonde Towers showing it off to an amused Blonde.

It’s still been a while since I’ve driven anything truly quick, but just for a second there as I clipped 45mph down that dual carriageway the little Smart felt like it was doing 150 at least. An epic car and one that makes me grin every time I drive it (and when I park it sideways on my drive). I’ve managed to commandeer it for three days so far, time to think of another good excuse for the sales manager, see if I can stretch it out to a week.

If ever you get the chance to drive one, do. They really are great fun!


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5 Responses to “Gran Turismo”

  1. Rob C Says:

    So, what does a PX’d Smart go for these days??


  2. charliecroker Says:

    About six grand. I caught myself idly toying with the idea of buying it yesterday but it’d be a bit pointless.

    Great fun though, I pinched it again tonight, much to the sales managers complete bemusement! 😀

  3. Mr Bridgers Says:

    You should try the Roadster, they were great fun. Axing them from the lineup before the distinctly ordinary and mass market forfour was a travesty imho. At least the roadster was unique, plus you could have a whale of a time without risking your license. The thing that lets all smarts down though is that awful lackadaisical gearbox.

    Mr Bridgers

    • charliecroker Says:

      Agreed on all counts Mr. B. To the best of my knowledge the Roadsters had the same running gear, and it struck me whilst driving the Fourtwo that putting the engine and drivetrain in a low sporty car like the Roadster would make for a fantastic vehicle.

      You’re right about the transmission too, it kills it every time you change gear, I have an impression in my mind of the gearbox being an old professor type, desperately patting his pockets and muttering “I know I put that next gear here somewhere….. Ah, here it is” every time you try to change up or down.

      I suspect what killed the Roadster was the “wrong” image for the sort of buyer of sporty two seaters, coupled of course with that terrible gearbox.

      The really sad news is that when they killed the Roadster, apparently another manufacturer bought up the rights to it and were going to make it with a manual gearbox. That’d be the perfect combination. I forget who it was now, but I suspect the recession put paid to that plan.

      Great car though, even in Fourtwo style and with the absent minded professor gearchange.

  4. alex Says:

    I have a smart Brabus Roadster and its fantastic love it to bits, and I find once you have the hang of the paddle shift that gearbox is fine, in fact it means not having to brake at all round corners I beat a 911 the other day!

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