Buried in paperwork

They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God.

I drive off the forecourt in my brand spanking new company car, head still swimming. Three (official) days in and it’s paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. With no admin staff the sales guys get to do it all, ordering, invoicing, banking, organising work, organising PDI’s, tracking cars in the system, organising finance, organising insurance (necessary to tax the vehicle), organising the tax, organising the warranty, organising the delivery, organising organising organising. By the time each deal is done there’s a paperwork file half an inch thick. And that’s assuming it’s a straightforward deal. Add in the scrappage scheme or mobility, throw in a part exchange (or two!) or a personal plate, and double that file size.

I’m under the wing of Justin, a genuinely nice guy of about my age, and he’s talking me through the process of each stage of each deal he currently has running. And there are over twenty of them at differing stages. Technically he’s a car salesman. In reality he’s a master strategist.

For the first two days it’s just a blur, none of it makes any coherent sense, and I’m starting to wonder whether I’ve not bitten off more than I can chew here. Selling the cars doesn’t frighten me, it’ll take some getting used to but it’s within range. But the paperwork…

By day three I’m starting to recognise vague shapes in the dense fog of admin. Not enough to be clear, but at least the odd familiar landmark. Maybe there’s hope yet. Maybe.

Overall though I’m happy. My first impressions that it’s a friendly place and nice people to work with seem to be ringing true. It’s interesting and challenging, and I get to be around cars all day (the novelty of that will fade in time no doubt).

I also had the deep joy of hearing the Sales Manager take a call from a recruitment agency, telling them that the vacant position had now been filled so sorry, don’t require his services this time. “Yeah, filled by someone you couldn’t even be bothered to reply to” I think to myself, it was the agent that didn’t return my email. “Dipped out there didn’t you Sunshine?”

And the new company car’s pretty cool. A sporty Fiesta Zetec as promised, it’s a mid range five door with most of the important bells and whistles. I’ve got alloy wheels and remote locking, electric windows, MP3 connection, ambient “Submarine” lighting, trip computer and the all important air conditioning. And it drives brilliantly. Up on tiptoes where the Polite Hatchback drove four square on the ground it feels alive and eager, fun to punt along. Best of all of course, it’s free.

Not that I’ve driven it far. Work is ten minutes from home, fifteen if the traffic is heavy. The Blonde and I took it for a bit of a run the first night I had it, doubling the mileage to 40, other than that my short commute is as far as it’s gone.

All in all, life and work are good. As it happens I feel that I’ve landed on my feet with this job really, it’s the right environment for where I’m at personally right now and I hope things will continue to pan out as they are doing.

Just got to get my head around that paperwork…


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4 Responses to “Buried in paperwork”

  1. Rob C Says:

    First………………………………………………………………….Only kidding!!

    Congratulations,you’ve made it 🙂

    Now to turn the other guys into watch freaks too!!

    Keep on Blogging.


  2. clare Says:

    All sounds fab. 😉

  3. Phirefly Says:

    great stuff

  4. Ex chicken Farmer Says:

    Paperwork…. you want to try the NHS fella!!!

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