Frozen assets.

What a great weekend xxx

Having one’s assets unfrozen is a far more pleasurable experience than it sounds. With a firm job offer made and accepted, suddenly a war chest designated to seeing me through until whenever, a month, a year, who knows, suddenly becomes an amount that has to see me through six weeks. Rather a different kettle of mackerel.

Clearly rushing straight out and blowing three quarters of it on The Glittering Prize would be insanity, but there are more modest targets in the sights, the first being a well deserved weekend away with The Blonde. We took off in The Polite Hatchback and headed for the coast. A nice hotel in Southampton, a little shopping (new suit for work, Paul is too nice for day to day wear and tear), dinner at TFI Friday (how I love their cheese and bacon filled potato skins) followed by an absolutely wonderful day with good friends out on the water in their beautiful powerboat. A high speed burn across the Solent, The Folly on the Isle of Wight for lunch, a pootle up Southampton water and a flypast of a huge cruise liner.

That night was spent in the company of other good friends in their humble lodgings. You’ve seen the little cobbled street of back to back terraces in Coronation Street? Well imagine something as far away from that concept as you can possibly get! Dinner in a lovely local pub, an evening filled with laughter and a good nights sleep saw us up and ready for a day at the Southampton Boatshow. The Blonde threatened to confiscate my wallet but perhaps a new boat is a little premature. Nice to dream though. An evening of more dining out in good company with friends conveniently located on the route home and we finally found ourselves home happy and exhausted around midnight, my now ingrained hypermiling techniques rewarding me with a figure of 63mpg on the Polite Hatchback’s trip computer.

Talking of the Polite Hatchback, as the news of my new appointment spread among friends and relatives I had two potential offers of interest within a matter of days. It had struck me that it was a shame to let such a wonderful condition beautifully looked after car disappear to some unappreciative Joe Public so the idea of someone I knew having it appealed immensely. But a third sliver of interest manifested itself closer to home, and after some careful thought the really good news is that it will be gracing The Blondes driveway sometime next month! I’m chuffed to bits that she’s having it, it’s been an absolutely magnificent car and I know she’ll appreciate it. Yesterday was spent giving it its final coat of wax for the winter and The Blonde has been issued with strict care instructions. Instructions that she wisely immediately delegated. To me.

Next day the post brought the magazine within which I write my column. And what do I find inside? That article I wrote back in July that I’d heard no more about, they’ve printed it! Remarkable. Logging into email brings more news, my first proper official commission from The Editor. What timing. It’s going to be hard to fit that one in now. I write and say I’d be pleased to accept but explain the new job situation. We’ll see if we can’t slot it in somehow.

And the job itself? Well nearly ten days after accepting the position verbally I’d heard nothing. Which didn’t exactly worry me but I’ll admit to a slight itch of concern. This morning I switched my mobile on with the express intention of phoning the Sales Manager only for it to immediately trill into life in my hand. With remarkable timing it was the man himself, could I drop in my P45 and driving licence, and I should expect a formal letter of employment any day. Phew. Good job really with The Glittering Prize ticking quietly away to itself on my wrist as I type this…

Hey, life’s too short to be sensible all the time!


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5 Responses to “Frozen assets.”

  1. Al Says:

    Well done Charlie xx

  2. AJ & AJ Says:

    Glad you had a reward for all that hard work. A job, the Glittering Prize and The Blonde as well- what more could you ask? Can’t wait to read how it goes…

  3. clare Says:

    And try to fit in the writing gig too…….somehow. I still feel that’s the real future…and a writing night class once a week?
    The day job will be all consuming until you find your feet..then, once settled, an hour a day writing could just be slotted in in the evening?

    Hope it all goes well;-)

  4. Pat (MSE) Says:

    Could you please put me out of my misery and tell us what make & model the Polite Hatchback is? I have grown rather attached to it lol.

    Glad you’re still blogging, sounds like life continues to be very good for you.

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