Missed you last night...

Cleaning the Polite Hatchback on the drive this morning and mulling over the recent events it seems incredible already that only two days ago I was unemployed, quietly hemorrhaging savings, and desperately seeking work. Already it seems a lifetime ago and I’ve not even begun the new position yet!

But just that lift of uncertainty, the cessation of financial concerns (I touched eighty along a dual carriageway on the way home from Blonde Towers last night. Fuel consumption? Didn’t even check), the feeling of general well-being, that all is right with the world once more, I’m in a different place.

I’m not ploughing the job sites this morning, not plotting the next follow up strategy, not hunting down any glimmer of opportunity. Suddenly in my mind I’m not unemployed, I’m merely on holiday. Wonderful. The sun is shining, and not just literally.

The spectre of the job centre no longer hangs heavy either. God, I came to loath that place and all it stood for. Just a bureaucratic mess of inefficiency and inertia, a pen pushing paper shuffling form filling data entering waste of time, effort and money. I shan’t miss getting soaked in the rain just to fulfil my side of the bureaucratic bargain. I shan’t miss the Argos jewellery, tattoos and whiff of last nights cheap lager. And I shan’t miss my fellow claimants either. I can honestly say that the government efforts to “assist” me back into employment (which, after all, is their raison d’etre) amounted to a big fat zero. Utterly hopeless.

As to this blog? Started on a whim and a wish, I’ve been genuinely overwhelmed by so much warmth and generosity from those that are, lets face it, total strangers. It gives me real heart that people clearly care so much, so thank you all. And, as The Blonde wisely pointed out last night, it’s been cathartic too. Writing about the agony of getting so close yet so far, sharing my wretched frustration at the job centre, it’s got it out and put it behind me each time. A good thing.

So where to from here? Well the original intent was to document my journey from redundancy to employment, share the ride. Yet as that journey ends, another one begins. So, buoyed up by so many kind calls for continuation, I’ll keep it updated perhaps once a week or so.

Lets see where the next big adventure takes us.

Stay tuned.


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7 Responses to “Postscript.”

  1. A Reader Says:

    I’ve been avidly following your exploits over the last few months so Congratulations on both an excellent blog and of course on the new job.

    Your “never give in” approach and ability to turn any knock-back into a positive is in my experience both very rare and outstanding.

    Unfortunately most of us just aren’t gifted with the ability to think that way so being able to refer to an ‘expert’ such as yourself would be a real asset.

    I can feel the distant rumblings of a ‘self-help’ type book here – something along the lines of “How to make the best of everything”?

    Best of luck…

  2. Pat (MSE) Says:

    Glad you have decided to keep it running.

    Adding to the above comment, I think your way of job seeking (i.e. using the knock-backs as a spur to your determination, not a reason to stop trying) should be mandatory reading at Job Centres everywhere.

    Granted not everyone has the grit to keep rising above the disappointments, but as a lesson in what is achievable if you are prepared to put your soul into it, it is worthy of publication for that alone.

    Good luck in the job, the romance (may we call it that?) and life. You have “winner” written all over you.

  3. Beaujolais Nouveau (from MSE) Says:

    Well done, well done. But, if I might advise, don’t blog once you have started at the new job. Employers don’t like it.

  4. jen Says:

    Having read your blog from afar, my first thought was to congratulate you on your success. Secondly I wanted to congratulate you on your writing ability. Yout manner of writing seems so effortless but does definately pull the reader in. It is a lovely read and I have spent some time reading it aloud to my partner, we feel we have lived so much of it with you ( and the Blonde). Full and well deserved congrats to you both, I hope it fulfills your wishes – but you should really consider professional writingas as another line – you definately have a talent.

  5. Julie Thomas Says:

    I am so so pleased for you, well done and of course enjoy the job 🙂

  6. clare Says:

    Perhaps the writing gig you did before could be suggested to the new company? In a diff mag. Long shot but you never know.

    Nothing you have written in this blog would offend them so you could show them this and your ‘other’ stuff.

    Settle in first, then casually suggest to someone?

    All the best….it’s been nice to share the ride.

  7. Emeye Says:

    I know it’s been a few years since you wrote this, but after it was suggested as a good read on Piston Heads I spent all morning reading through your blog to here from the beginning. I found it fascinating as I went through almost exactly the same experiences about a year earlier though I was originally a high pressured, well rewarded Technical Project Manager for a large IT solutions provider and ended up 4 months later as an IT Systems Analyst for a local firm. Less well paid but able to pay the bills.

    I too experienced the depressing trips to the Job Centre, the useless Recruitment agents, the initial enjoyment of not having to work that built to a pressured concern as the savings began to run down and the final elation when I finally got a job.

    A very good read and I’m looking forward to reading more of the blog – just hope you determination and positivity has paid off.

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