Sands of time.

I love you

A call from the recruitment agent I met last week! Good as his word he’s set me up an interview with the dealership discussed at the time. This one is Mitsubishi and it’s based in the city about an hour away from home. He also mentions that there is no company car (which is unusual for a car sales position, you normally get to run one of the demo cars at least). This would mean I couldn’t sell the Polite Hatchback and would be racking up the miles on it instead which is somewhat disadvantageous. Non the less until the Ford position is confirmed one way or the other I need to keep the radar turning and so I readily accept the invite. It’s scheduled for Thursday, perfect, should mean that I get the final Ford interview out of the way first and may even know where I stand by then.

Other than that it’s all very quiet. I didn’t get a response to my email to BMW offering help at their marketing shindig, Mercedes never came back to me regarding my request for feedback, and unbelievably still nothing from Audi, now a clear thee weeks after the date I was promised a “formal decision”.

On top of that the job sites are worryingly quiet again, not much going on at all currently.

It seems all I can do for the moment is carry on keeping everything crossed for the Ford position, and the Mitsubishi situation bubbling on the back burner in the hope of turning up the heat if Ford comes to nothing.

The waiting continues…


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2 Responses to “Sands of time.”

  1. AndrewL Says:

    Chin up mate. Liked your cake on tz! Looks like the blonde is a keeper if nothing else.

  2. Peter Taylor Says:

    It’s getting worse, those green shoots were really grassing cuttings, they haved dried up now I’m afriad. šŸ˜¦

    Keep gong though, persistance will pay off eventually. šŸ™‚

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