Glittering prize.


The pendulum of the wall clock in my study swings gently back and forth with mesmerising regularity as the second-hand of my watch sweeps slowly round the dial. This is the bit I hate, its the waiting game again. I’ve done all I can, got to the final interview stage, and now it’s just a case of sitting back and waiting for the opportunity to play my final hand and hope it’s a grand slam.

Monday morning, The Blonde is back at work spreading good and worthy deeds about the populace, and I’m kicking about at home wondering how best to spend my day. I have a moody poke through the job sites but my heart isn’t really in it. I need to know where I stand with this one before I can put my all back into the slog of hunting down and applying for more positions.

I pick through a few favourite web sites distractedly and have a read of a couple of forums. One has a For Sale section and there’s something I spotted a few weeks ago that I’d have snapped up in a heartbeat had I the funds. It’s not cheap, but even if it were I couldn’t buy at the moment, I’ve a complete embargo on on all unnecessary expense and I’ve stuck with it rigidly. Income still isn’t matching outgoings, the last thing I need to do is add to the financial drain. I keep going back and looking at it though, it’s a glittering prize for the moment I regain employment.

The car is washed, the house clean and tidy, the grass cut, and I sit and wonder what to do with my day. A long walk, I feel, may be the answer. Then an afternoon with a good book, in the garden if it warms up a bit.

I close down the Internet, determined not to waste the day staring at the screen, and wander off to burn through another day just waiting…


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