Clearing hurdles.

Can't wait for Monday night... ;-)

Feeling very much like the work experience schoolboy I turn up at Ford just after opening time (the sales manager said come in whenever, but I wanted to look keen from the off). The other two sales guys are in and the manager is still on his way, it won’t hurt to be there already when he arrives and I talk with the sales guy I met in the week whilst I wait. A nice guy of about my age, he’s happy to chat and open about what they do there and how they do it.

Ten minutes later the sales manager arrives and takes me into his office for a chat. What’s immediately re-assuring is that he’s already talking to me as though I’m the new member of staff rather than a hopeful applicant, and he suggests I shadow the chap I was chatting to and pick up what I can.

The day passes in a blur of computer operating systems, customer handling procedures and tips, finance guidance, product knowledge, commission structures, all interspersed with watching him deftly and confidently greet and look after customers in a way that’s clearly effective yet friendly.

By the end of it I’m mentally exhausted. Another chat with the sales manager and he confirms that he’s going to set up a formal interview with the company Sales Director for mid week and then assuming that goes well he’ll look to give me a firm answer as soon as possible afterwards.

I flop into the Polite Hatchback at the end of my first working day for four months exhausted. But good exhausted. All I’ve really learned is that there is an awful lot to learn, but I don’t have a sense that any of it is insurmountable. And my view that it’s a friendly bunch and a nice place to work is reinforced too.

And so with that one last hurdle still left to clear I head for home. Experience with Mercedes has taught me not to take anything for granted but at least I feel I’ve a good run up at this one. Time will tell.

Back home I change out of Paul The Suit and slip into something more comfortable. I spend an hour thinking over the day and marshaling my thoughts before heading over to Chez Blonde where I’ve an invitation to dinner. The evening is spent curled up together on the sofa watching trashy TV, I don’t feel up to much more, it’s quite remarkable how much, after so much relaxing time off, the day has taken out of me.

That night I sleep for nine hours solid and awaken this morning full of positive energy. Roll on mid week, lets see if we can’t clear that last hurdle without even touching the bar.


3 Responses to “Clearing hurdles.”

  1. viva Says:

    Great news Charlie,

    That’s the post we’ve all been waiting to read. Here’s hoping you clear that final hurdle faster than Colin Jackson

  2. Ex chicken farmer Says:

    Come on Charlie you can do it!! Fingers crossed that something good comes of all of this!

  3. Dave Shepherd Says:

    Come on Charlie! We’re all rooting for you! Come on lady luck- give this fella the one break he deserves!

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