Climb every mountain, Ford every stream…

Happy Mummy Al :)

The meeting with the Ford sales manager went well. Really properly well in fact. We had a good long chat and he was very open and honest about the job, the situation, the rewards and the requirements. The package isn’t quite at Mercedes level admittedly, but it’s one heck of a lot better than my current Job Seekers Allowance that’s for sure!

And the location is 10 minutes from home and there will be a company car (not the given you’d once have assumed for a car sales role surprisingly). And I like the set up there. I like the manager I’m talking to, I’m introduced to one of the other sales guys and he seemed a decent sort too, and the showroom is a cozy inviting honest feeling place of business. There’s none of the sharp suited slick haired plate glass palace pretension of the huge prestige brands, nor the feeling of pressure and expectation. All in all it won’t put a Mercedes C Class or BMW Coupe on my drive, but the positives go an awful long way to making up for it, maybe more than make up for it in fact.

I probed gently about the current application status and again he was very frank. The job is still open and would be for another couple of weeks so clearly there was scope for competition, but at the moment I’m very much in pole position. He’d like to take me up on my offer of working a day or two, see how we fit together (and he makes it clear he wouldn’t be wasting my time or his on that if it weren’t with serious intent of making it full time). And he needs to set up a meeting for me with one of the directors.

So there are still bridges to cross (or streams to, err, Ford. Sorry ’bout that one!) but by and large we’re very much on the front foot and running.

It ain’t over till the proverbial Rubenesque lady sings, I’ve got close before and been disappointed so I’m far from celebrating. But I came away with a good feeling. A strong feeling. Indeed a warm and comfortable feeling. I also came away clutching some brochures, time for a little product knowledge swatting. By this time tomorrow I should be able to tell you exactly what the difference between a Fiesta Zetec and a Fiesta Titanium is, and whether you need the X pack.

And tomorrow (as I write this, today as you read it) I’m back for some showroom time with the boss. I suspect tomorrow will go a long way toward making or breaking this deal.

We press on hopefully.


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4 Responses to “Climb every mountain, Ford every stream…”

  1. Phirefly Says:

    Good stuff. I may have just rinsed our 335d up the A6 with great pleasure but I’d still say my L-reg Fiesta 1.4 Ghia is my favourite ever car I’ve had.

  2. Jan Says:

    Good luck. I’m very impressed with the way you are tackling your job hunt. Doesn’t seem much more you can do.

    You’re are going to win eventually. Let’s hope it’s this week.

    Best wishes


  3. clare Says:

    Seems like it’s all coming together CC. Ford feels safe too.
    BTW, Was the receptionist well fed?

    • charliecroker Says:

      Haha, no receptionist. Very much the local provincial dealership, and non the worse for that.

      Must get on with today’s blog, let you know how it went! Will be up later (got the grass to cut first, a bloggers work is never done <> )


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