Friskasaurous Rex

Hypermiling is a term used to describe the act of extracting the maximum possible mileage from every litre of fuel. And hypermiling is exactly what I’m doing as I cruise gently up the motorway at 60mph to a nearby city where I have an appointment with one of the specialist recruitment agencies I contacted a few weeks ago.

This was the guy who’d responded to my initial enquiry to say that he only had potential places for people with previous car sales experience. My reply that all car sales staff had no previous experience once had fallen on deaf ears but this week I spotted a job advertised by his agency that specifically stated no previous motor trade experience was necessary. I’d emailed him immediately copying our previous correspondence and requesting he put me forward for it. Having heard nothing by the following morning I was actually writing this blog entry about the inertia of recruitment agencies when my phone burst into life and it was the man himself, suggesting we meet. Result!

We arranged to meet at a Holiday Inn, and I soft-pedal my way gently from the motorway exit to the car park and shut down the engine, the Polite Hatchback rewarding me with a 55mpg average on the trip computer. Not bad at all, if I can match it going home I’ll have done the fifty mile round trip on less than a gallon of diesel. I slip my jacket off of the hanger in the rear of the car and shrug into it before heading inside a few minutes ahead of schedule.

My rendezvous is a smartly dressed late middle aged man and we sit at a table in reception for a chat. He tells me a little about his history, seems he’s spent many years in the motor industry hence his specialization, and even owned his own dealership. Having sold that a few years ago he’s now in the recruitment game but at least his foundations are solid and I could imagine his having a good contact network. In short he seems a sensible professional sort of chap and I’m happy to chat about my history and what leads me to this point in time. Then he tells me about the job he’s potentially got which sounds fairly interesting. In fact lets face it, any job is interesting right now and whilst it’s not the most exciting package ever suggested it’s a heck of a lot more than sixty four quid a week JSA! I tell him I’m interested and he promises to see if he can set something up for me with the company in question.

I leave feeling I’ve potentially a good ally on side here, well worth the drive up. Another iron in the proverbial fire, surely one of them has to come good soon.

However right at this moment only one thing really concentrates my mind, I’ve a meeting with the Sales Manager of Ford this morning to discuss my working part time with them, a really exciting development. I’m hoping I might glean a sliver of insight into the likelihood of it becoming a full time position too, we shall see.

So, suited and booted I’m off out the door. Wish me luck.


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