Rain dance.

Frisky business... ;)

It took all day but I finally made contact with the chap from Ford. I’ve an appointment to see him at the end of the week with a view to helping out part time and seeing what comes of it. I believe it’ll be useful experience whatever happens, but clearly the end game from my point of view is to try and gain a full time position through it. It’s progress of sorts though, baby steps.

And in the meantime I’ve applied for a job at a car supermarket, a job as a negotiator with a firm of estate agents, and a position as a sales advisor for a large house building company. Things must be looking up if the house builders have stopped licking their wounds and started recruiting again!

So a few irons gently simmering in a couple of small fires, lets see if we can’t get a bit of a blaze going.

In other news, still nothing from Audi now a fortnight past the day I was told I’d be informed of a final decision. Poor. Nothing from Mercedes in response to my email to them. And not a whisper from any of the recruitment agencies, just what is it that they do to earn a living exactly?

Finally, a missive from The Blonde late yesterday afternoon.

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning
how to dance in the rain”.

And she’s right, lets Tango.


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6 Responses to “Rain dance.”

  1. Phirefly Says:

    She’s a godsend.

  2. Colonel Panic Says:

    I have an advanced degree in economics and I can tell you that you might be wise to avoid anything to do with property right now if you value not returning fortnightly to the green and brown building come the colder months. They’re in for a big fall.

    Move on from Audi, forget Mercedes. Like I say what goes around comes around eventually.

    That blonde’s a keeper though. That’s the wisest thing I’ve heard all year about tackling the coming ‘lost decade’ we’re entering now.

    • charliecroker Says:

      CP, I suspect you could prove to be correct, but at the moment a job is a job and I’m not able to be picky. And property will always need to be bought and sold no matter what the value or economic conditions.

      It wouldn’t be my first choice but if it proves to be my only choice I shall take it and get some cash in, worry about the rest when it happens.


  3. lost Says:

    The blonde does sound super 🙂

  4. clare Says:

    Love Love Love the quote from The Blonde. Going to memo it and pass it off as one of my own ;-).

    If only one good thing comes out of this unemployment period, it was having the spare time to go internet dating……….out of bad things come good things.

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