The weekend.

Hello Al

The Journalist has been in touch again with a specific task for me so it looks as though at long last I may actually have a commission other than my usual monthly column! Only 200 words though, it’s a filler for an article, but you know what they say about tiny acorns.

I give the matter some thought over the rest of the morning and then set to, crafting a clever and concise rhetoric. I then leave it for an hour and come back to it, I can always spot where it could be improved when I do this and sure enough I spot a couple of areas in need of tidying. Finally when I feel I’ve nailed it to the very best of my ability I copy it to an email and send it to him.

Half an hour later a reply. He thinks it’s excellent, but unfortunately I’ve completely misinterpreted one single piece of information of the original instruction which makes the whole thing completely redundant. Oops! I re-read his original email, he’s quite right, a classic case of adding two and two together and coming up with five. I write back apologising and promise to re-write it.

I find the writing is a piece of cake, it’s formulating the idea in a (hopefully) interesting and concise way that I struggle with. Staring at a keyboard never helps so I go outside and clean the Polite Hatchback whilst letting ideas tumble through my head. By the time I’ve got as far as cleaning the alloy wheels I’m pretty much there in concept, and as I chamois the paintwork I believe I have the detail.

I put the cleaning gear away and head back to my keyboard. Half an hour later I’ve got it down but as ever it’s about twice as long as it wants to be. I spend the next hour pruning and honing until I’ve shrunk it to the required level without losing the context. I’d like to leave it an hour again at this point but I want to get it back up to them today and time is running out. I’m pretty satisfied with it actually so I copy it to another email and fire it up the line.

Tens minute later a reply, he’s really pleased with it and it’s going in the mag. Phew! Job done. I reply thanking him and letting him know I’m eager to have a go at anything else he has in the future and shut down my PC. No idea what I’ll earn from that, not a lot I suppose, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a job well done and in a timely fashion and it could lead to more things, we shall see.

With the Bank Holiday weekend looming I’ve a date with The Blonde, she’s taking me away as a birthday treat. The Polite Hatchack is cleaned, loaded, and fuelled and I’m good to go. So I’m afraid, dear reader, with The Blog now live there’ll be no updates for a day or two.

But next week we shall hit the ground running together. We’ve Ford to tackle head on and the whole job seeking merry go round to leap aboard again.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!


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2 Responses to “The weekend.”

  1. Phirefly Says:

    Good to hear you sounding so positive. I work in a similar way, putting the design together is the easy bit, its the concept that is always a challenge. Have a great weekend.

  2. AJ & AJ Says:

    What a positive blog today! You deserve a bit of time off with The Blonde. Hope it went well. Hope the irons are getting well heated in the fire, especially with Ford…

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