The letter.

Just arrived, a letter from Mercedes.

Thank you for attending interview… have given careful consideration… regret to inform you… wish you well in your search for… blah blah blah…


Absolutely gutted.


10 Responses to “The letter.”

  1. Phirefly Says:

    I actually had a heart-in-mouth, pulse-racing physical response to that. We’re feeling it every step of the way.

    • charliecroker Says:

      I had exactly the same when I saw the letter on the mat this morning with the three pointed star printed on it.

      As soon as I saw it I knew it couldn’t be good news…


  2. Matt Says:

    Aww, mate. Thats terrible. I’m really feeling for you in this blog.

  3. lost Says:

    I know it sounds lame, but it just wasn’t for you then. Something, somewhere is. As sad as I am for you, dearest CC, and I really am, at least someone got a job this week, possibly someone without the other skills you have. And almost certainly he doesn’t have the blonde. 😉

  4. Pat (MSE) Says:

    Damn and drat. We all share your disappointment, if that isn’t too weak a word.

    Will you ask for feedback?

  5. Colonel Panic Says:

    I’ve had the same experience at one interview.

    The worse thing is that countless studies have shown (I’d recommend having a look at Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers where he backs this up) that people who really excel at their given jobs are usually the ones who wanted their positions the most.

    An motivated but inexperienced employee is generally a much better bet than an unmotivated but experienced one.

  6. Rob C Says:


    I’ve got a horrible,sick feeling in the pit of my stomach now!

    Sorry,but keep going……………………………

  7. Ian Pople Says:


    Been following your “adventure” since the start – I’m in a similar postion and feel your pain too mate. Keep going, it’ll happen!

  8. Loulou Says:

    I’d had a good feeling about this one as well. So, So disappointed for you.

  9. Mr Bridgers Says:

    We are so sorry – had everything crossed for you. Something will happen soon.

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