All quiet on the Western Front.

We clinging to the “no news is good news” mantra here at Croker Towers. Basically because right now it’s all I’ve got.

No calls, no emails, just a steady stream of nothingness as the waiting continues.

The big question is, do I phone them? On the one hand it doesn’t hurt to look keen, on the other they said they’d be in touch as soon as there is any news and does it look good to be chasing them? I may crack this afternoon and pick up the phone.

Signing on day today. It’s slating down with rain outside and I have to go get cold, wet and miserable in order to be asked whether I’d consider a career cleaning car windscreens for small change at the nearby traffic lights or something. Joy.

Really not a lot else to report. I should of course be seeking other potential employment in the meantime but somehow with the Mercedes situation hanging over me so close to an answer and the Ford potential next week I’m finding it hard to get motivated to search just at the moment. Something about chickens and eggs springs to mind, maybe I ought to have a browse.

In the meantime, as ever, I shall update as soon as there is news.

Keep ’em crossed.


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One Response to “All quiet on the Western Front.”

  1. Ex chicken Farmer Says:

    Chicken and Eggs…. well i could tell you a few things about both of those!

    Sit tight Charlie, fingers and everything else still crossed for you!

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