Phone calls.


A call from The Blonde, she and her boys are having a great time going wild in the country. Apparently they were particularly pleased to discover that they have “real beds” to sleep in this year, the height of luxury it seems. I’m so glad I declined the invite to join them.

A call from the sales manager of Mercedes, they’d like to meet me for an interview! Rock on.

A call from the sales manager of Ford, he was impressed with our meeting and subsequently with my CV, and he’d like to take me up on my offer of working with him part time with a view to it becoming full time in October!!! He can’t actually promise the job as it’s officially open for applications until mid September, but there is clear intent. Unfortunately he’s off on holiday for a fortnight so we can’t do anything about it till he gets back, hence his call so soon, he wanted to speak to me before he left. But crikey, good stuff!

And as if that weren’t enough, am email from the journalist at The Editors magazine with regard to the feature we’re going to be writing together.

It never rains, as the saying has it, but it doesn’t half pour sometimes!

But zip from Audi, despite an assurance that they would have an answer for me by a date now passed.

And from the four recruitment agencies I’ve approached? A big fat nothing. Well done guys.


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2 Responses to “Phone calls.”

  1. clare Says:

    One of these has got to come good..surely…

  2. Beaujolais Nouveau (from MSE) Says:

    Came over tonight for the first time from the MSE forum – from the thread you started – gosh, you do deserve to succeed.

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