Vorsprung Durch Email.


My passion for Audi had carried me as far as a contact and an email address. It was time to work that passion up some more. This was going to be no ordinary “I don’t suppose you’d happen to…” email to be met by an equally ordinary “sorry, nothing doing” reply. I’d been given a small lever and by thunder I was going to lean on it, see if I couldn’t prise open a gap big enough to fit into.

Back home I made myself some lunch and mulled over the form the email was to take, working out how best to word and phrase it. I had to avoid looking like I was begging for a job, keep it professional, but it had to be shot through with the message that here was someone with four rings running through him, someone who could take the Audi baton and run with it, someone who they needed every bit as much as I needed them.

I washed up, headed to my study, pulled the keyboard toward me and began to write.

The trick was not to bore the poor woman to tears so that she simply scanned across the rest of the mail after the first couple of sentences, I needed to catch her attention, draw her in.

I started with a quick idea of what I was about, a very brief history of my career summary, then went on to my love of Audi cars, the fact I’d personally chosen them myself for the last ten years, then finished up with the current situation and hopefully imparted the feeling that they could really use a guy like me.

Half an hour later a reply pinged back thanking me for my interest but stating that they were only looking for a salesman for one of their dealerships, and previous motor-trade experience was an essential requirement.

Not good enough.

I bent to my keyboard again, “suggesting”, as politely as possible, that this was bunkum. What they really wanted was someone with a proven track record of successful customer handling and the ability to enthuse about the brand with real belief. It was my last chance and I put my all behind it.

After re-reading and fine tuning until I was happy I’d made my point as nicely yet as strongly and positively as possible I was about to hit send when I noticed that her original email was copied to what I presumed were the sales managers of the groups dealerships. Hmmm… there’s a potential audience here. I pressed “reply to all” instead, lets spread the word.

The email whirred away into the ether and I sat back, arms folded. This was my final shot, all or nothing.

Another thirty minutes passed and then with a soft double tone the reply dropped into my email in box.

You are certainly persistent!
John Finch, Sales Manager at Universal Audi, will invite you to an interview shortly, over to you to convince him, good luck!


Now that’s how to sell.


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5 Responses to “Vorsprung Durch Email.”

  1. Rob Stobbart Says:

    Well done Charlie! There’s a lesson in there for everyone, not just sales people. Good luck at interview.

  2. Phirefly Says:

    Result. This kind of approach is what sets you apart and will guarantee eventual success. Everything crossed for you.

  3. wendy Says:

    as my mother says – fingers toes and eyes crossed for you.

  4. clare Says:

    Good one…..-)

  5. Matt Says:

    Admire your spirit with that approach. You certainly deserve the success.

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