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A particularly fine weekend with The Blonde. Cozy night in with a DVD, a large voddie or two and snackettes on Friday evening, easy day on Saturday, and then a wonderful barbecue under a starlit night on Saturday evening with Spud The Dog and his charming owners.

Sunday was spent in similar sunny lazy summery fashion culminating with another outdoor meal at Blonde Towers with her family.

This morning the drizzle has returned, as have I to Croker Towers, and we’re back on the jobs trail starting today with the job centres very own web site.

And it really is rubbish. I’m sat doing battle with it right now and it appears to me that the search facility is specifically designed to limit potential jobs available to me, rather than the reverse as it should do. Let me explain.

It works by a system of tick boxes to try and narrow the field. Right now I just want to try and find a job, any job, so within my limitations I’m as open as I possibly can be as to what I will do.

So here goes, first selection of tick boxes, it will allow me to tick five:

Admin/Office Animal Care Armed Forces Bar/Hotel/Food Childcare/Health/Care Construction Factory/Process Finance and Legal General Information Technology Leisure/Tourism/ Arts/Media Managers Professional Retail/Sales Security & Safety Skilled Trades Transport/Vehicle

Ok, so I tick Admin/office, Factory process, General, Retail sales, Managers, Transport/vehicle.

Click next and I get my next range to narrow down the fields I’m interested in. Ah, I’ve ticked six boxes. I’m not allowed to look for that many jobs, I have to deselect an entire job section. I deselect Transport/vehicle, bye bye van driver, delivery driver, anything like that.

Next tick box range is:
Central/Local Govt
Customer Service
Factory/Process Mgrs
Fitters & Process
Goods & Warehouse
Plant & Machine
Textile Trades
Agriculture/ Gardening
Funeral Services
General Factory Work
Goods & Warehouse
Animal/Fish/Land Mgrs
Business & Commerce
Construction Mgrs
Corporate & Senior
Health/Care Mgrs
Hospitality & Leisure
Other Mgrs
Protective Services
Retail & Distribution
General Retail Work
Retail/Sales Mgrs
Retail/Sales Professions
Sales/Customer Service

I have to select a maximum of five again. So, Admin/clerical, Services, Central/local government, assemblers/operators, factory process managers, General factory work.

And I’m out! Having used up my five tick boxes I’m denied the option of jobs under Goods/warehouse, postal delivery, Business and commerce managers, Retail & distribution, General retail work, Retail/sales managers, Retail/sales professionals, sales/customer service.

And it gets worse because then once you’ve discarded all those that take you over the magic five you get an even longer list of tick boxes to chose from! Again, only five allowed.

It’s actually as though its designed to stop you from seeing all the possibilities open to you, deliberately restricting you in every step.

Of course you can click “All” to everything and be completely swamped, but that completely negates the whole point of the search criteria. May as well just have every job ever listed and forget the search method altogether if you’re going to do that.

It’s completely hopeless, and this is from a massively funded government institution who’s sole aim is to assist the unemployed back into employment.

Scary really, when you think about it.


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6 Responses to “Job Centre web site.”

  1. Phirefly Says:

    This post reminds me of one of my favourite job-not-a-career experiences. I did a stint driving 7.5 tonners for an agency. It was great fo a myriad of reasons. I guess jobs like these are thin on the ground these days but could be ideal if you could find one. Driving has many of the benefits outlined by lost in her comment about shelf-stacking on yesterdays post with the added plus point of not having to deal with the plebs.

  2. lost Says:

    Problem with driving, Phirefly, like most things, is that being eligble is so much harder now. I had to rush my test after my 17th b’day because of the impending changes. Now, I passed my test intime to tow and drive 7.5 tonners, but DH, who passed a harder theory test and a more recent driving test, can’t drive obver 3.5 tonnes or tow a trailer: I understand the wisdom of increasing road saftey, (and infact gree that age and experience are probably relevant). To tke an LGV (hgv) test is very expensive: hard to contemplate if you are unemployed and self funding. I do think you have to pay a bit more attention driving than stacking, and of course, there are the stopping restirctions. I was considering, before the crunch, taking my LGV and getting an animal operators licence (not strictly requisite AFAIK) and towing horses: but such a cost for an increasingly competitive market: only really worth it if I return to competing and have to have the lorry and licence anyway.

  3. Kevlarhead Says:

    Problem with the JobCentre website is that it was never designed to be a website. I reckon the database was originally designed exclusively for use with the jobpoint machines, and the the web-interface was cludged on later, idiot restrictions and all. Restricting responses makes sense when you don’t want the jobpoint user pritting off 175,657 search results, but is just stupid in a web context.

    Have you tried Jobsite? I’m getting a steady series of sales jobs arriving in my inbox from them; ironic given I really, really don’t do sales…

  4. Phirefly Says:

    Mr Phirefly swears by jobsite and got all his interviews via there.

  5. sb Says:

    The website definitely isnt progress. At least when they posted cards on the wall you could “see all jobs in the local area”, with the poor search options on the website unless you know definite answers you cant just search speculatively or “just find me a job”…….

  6. New Deal Scandal Says:

    Jobcentre Website and Online Job Websites:

    The recruitment websites out there suffer from innovation. You have pointless sites like JCP Website (which I will talk about later) and recruitment sites where you can see how many people have applied for it (good idea), the ability to upload your CV (this either means unlike a human sort a computer can be really picky – degree at Cambridge or Oxford? etc. which isn’t so good -or- upload your CV and be contacted by employers after a computer has matched you as maybe a good candidate which is really handy, as in effect you get contacted about the jobs and not vice versa) and so many employers who have their own site which require registration before you can even find out details of a job which isn’t good at all. The Jobcentre has now used its database in the direct gov search so you can type in something like “I want an administration job in London” and it should list them all.

    The Jobcentre Website always had flaws:

    – Job searches will time out, even though you have the reference code of the Job in the link as displayed in the address bar a refresh of the page after just a few minutes will redirect you to the start. If you are like me and have several open in a tab, computer restarts when you popped out for 5 seconds, open the browser back up which remembers the tabs but can’t display the jobs and returns the start page – becomes very annoying!

    – Always you will get pink results which are not relevant to your search (so why display them?) Why would you be interested in a job 200 miles away? Thinking of moving? Well you would have entered a different location!

    – Most jobs either dont exist or are agency jobs – this is a problem for a lot of people as most agency jobs are casual temporary work which isn’t sustainable

    – How many times have I seen jobs online or on jobpoints which want me to ring up Jobseekers Direct to find out the information? I normally casually discard those jobs unless I can’t find any others. (Any jobs you are given on the phone become Jobseeker Directions, hence why they are so popular)

    – The limitations of tickboxes (as you mentioned)

    – Statements about exceeding the NMW – its the law.

    – Wide ranging hours i.e. “Between 6-40 hours a week” – As the upper end of this scale far exceed the requirement to be classified as fulltime people apply for it to be fulltime. The chance are when you get a job offer for this you would be offered between 6-15 hours a week which is part-time and isn’t really that much better off than claiming Jobseekers Allowance. I consider “5-12”, “8-19” and “26-38” as reasonable, “6-40” hours isn’t.

    – Restriction of information on the employer etc. I don’t think its right to be required to ring up Jobseekers Direct where you have no option but to apply for the job when there might be a valid reason of “good cause” on moral grounds etc. of why not to apply for the job.

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