Time after time.


“If the worst comes to the worst I’ll go and stack shelves at Sainsburys”. This has been my mantra since the day my high paid high powered sales career crashed and burned. I’m not proud, a jobs a job at the end of the day, someone has to make sure the tins of beans are stocked and ready for hungry shoppers, and I have to pay the bills.

It’s always been the ultimate fall back position, exhaust all other avenues of finding another well paid suit and tie number, but if it comes to it that’s what I’ll do. And truth be told, after years of constant decision making client courting number crunching problem solving stress there’s something strangely appealing about a simple honest to goodness job of work. Something that you turn up for at the allotted hour and leave on the bell, switching off mentally from the job completely until next time. No company mobile phone, no working late, no popping in on a day off to meet the client who couldn’t make it any other day. No being in charge, no strategy, no worries. Do job, get paid, go home.

My mind floats back to my school days, when a rich diet of racing pedal bikes required more funding than the paper round could cover and at fourteen I got a job working as a dish washer in a local hotel. It was quite hard work I suppose, but it was a simple and carefree existence. The waiting staff brought the trolleys in laden with dirty dishes and a team of three of us would set to, one loading the industrial dishwasher, one unloading, and one washing cutlery. We arrived, we worked, we shared breaks, we shared fags, we shared a laugh and then we finished and we left. A simple easy carefree job. And it was always summer and Cindy Laupers “Time After Time” was always on the radio. Happy days.

“If you’re lost and you look you will find me” I hum, tapping Sainsburys into Google, “Time after time”. Sainsburys home page loads and I click on Recruitment. “If you fall I will catch you I’ll be waiting” I click Store Roles and my town “Time after Time”.

Holy crap, nothing found! I stop humming and widen my search to the next town. Nothing. I broaden it further and further until eventually something crops up. It’s a part time customer services advisor in a city about 40 miles from home. That’ll hardly cover the cost of travelling.

I try other stores, other web sites. There’s hardly a thing out there, I’m staggered! I gaze at my computer screen, genuinely shocked.

This is starting to become more serious than I’d thought.


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2 Responses to “Time after time.”

  1. Dave Shepherd Says:

    Hi. Just started reading your blog, and am impressed with your determination- to find a replacement job and to keep contact with your son, especially as I felt that I was hard done by when my ex took my daughter 100 miles away. The travel for me is a pain too, but the little lass makes up for it when we meet. It also has made me realise how lucky I am.
    Hang on in there fella- your luck will eventually change with this kind of attitude.

  2. lost Says:

    Oh Charlie: me too. I worked for a while stacking shelves in uni, and later when my capital was in my business and I needed small change for life. Stacking shelves, IMO, is not as bad a job as it is made out to me. Its mildly energetic, but not physically exhausting: better than being stuck in a chair doing similar skill level job: at lest you re moving. Its satisfying to mke what was empty and messy full and neat, and its quick. Best of all, while your body is the supermarkets your mind is fully able to be your own;you can prepare proposals, write poetry (or blog material) and think about solutions to problems because there is no brain power required for the job. I remember being amazed by those who dawdled on the job: the faster you stack the quicker you think IME. Anyway, I’ve been watching our local supermarkets too: and there hasn’t been much around there for ages. How exciting the Blonde reds: hello Blonde 🙂

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