A new approach.

With the onset of August comes the onset of a new mindset. Three months unemployed, that’s a quarter of a year! The Boychilds summer visit was scheduled for the beginning of his school holiday so that it wouldn’t become a problem should a job become available, and now that’s out of the way it’s time to get something sorted.

Realistically I’d not expected to walk straight out of my previous career and straight into a new one, there is, after all, the mother of all recessions buffeting at the very foundations of business, and retail probably more than any as the countries spending habits wither on the vine in the face of a perfect storm of credit withdrawal, job uncertainties, and property value retraction (the source of many people’s erroneous feeling of “wealth”).

Likewise I wasn’t expecting to suddenly become a published magazine writer overnight. But with a fairly good “in” via my long standing column writing I’d rather hoped that there might be a bit more action by now.

But the truth is there’s no action. None on the writing, none on the stalled sales career. After three months it’s time to start considering a Plan B, and maybe even a C, a D, and an E as well.

The time has come to fall back and regroup.

Looking at the pluses of my situation, years of prudent financial management mean I own everything I have outright, and my outgoings are genuinely minimal. I can think of nowhere I could be reducing fixed costs, fiscally I’m as lean and fit as the proverbial butchers dog. I’m in the fortunate position that any full time minimum wage job will sustain me, even a part time one if enough hours (or supplemented by another part time job).

The solution is simple. I need to drop the specifics in job hunting. I need to go for anything. For any income. Part time, full time, anything I can do. I’ll go and collect trolleys at the local Sainsburys if I have to, stack the shelves at midnight.

It’s time to set to and balance the books, get an income stream bringing more in than is going out, however meagre that stream may be.

It’s time to stop looking a career, for now at least, and starting looking for a job.


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3 Responses to “A new approach.”

  1. jp Says:

    One thing you might consider as a way back to full employment is volunteering for the CAB. I took this up a couple of years ago. There is extensive free training and a surprising number of paid positions once you have been a volunteer advisor for a while. If nothing else it willl look good on your CV that you are doing something whilst you are out of paid employment.

  2. Pat (MSE) Says:

    My OH was fed up of being out of work and applied for literally everything that he was capable of, eventually landing a two hour a day school cleaning job. It only took a couple of weeks before he was asked to help out with some classroom decorating, which gave him an almost full time income (not much over min wage but better than peanuts), and there is now talk of him becoming some sort of assistant caretaker on an occasional basis.

    So even if you get part time work, it can and often does develop if you keep the right attitude. Best of luck!

  3. clare Says:

    Self generated thingys often take time (years sometimes) to get anywhere (I should know!) so, guessing, the anything for now approach is a good one.
    An ‘Anything’ job (after taxes) needs to generate more than JSA and council tax allowance, leave enough space in your head to carry on writing practise with, perhaps, time to do an AE course (honing writing skills), build portfolio and enough leftover energy to develop things with The Blonde ( as she sounds fab) plus she won’t want a bloke too tired for other things cos he gives his all to Wal Mart/Tesco for 50 hours every week. 😉

    Those corps can wring humans out for £5.70 odd per hour….so no energy left for anything else…….it’s why revoloutions don’t quite get off the ground.

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