A month in one day.


Well, gentle reader, what you have had from me in the last four weeks (has it been that long already?) is the first six weeks of my adventures in unemploymentland slightly condensed.

The BMW/MINI close shaves happened around the middle of June. So what I intend to do now is bring you hurtling through time from that point to present day. Remember that bit in the original Star Wars where Han Solo takes the Millennium Falcon up to Light Speed? All the stars glow brightly and then whoosh past the ship in long streams of light? Well it’ll be a lot like that. Strap yourself in, move your seats into an upright position and prepare to jump to hyper-speed. Here we go, see you in August!


Well The Editor liked my re-configured article. It still wasn’t quite what he was after but he felt it was very good and that he could use it. Yes, success! My first full article accepted for publication. Great news.

He liked my review re-writes although felt they weren’t quite on the nail. He suggested a few pointers and I re-wrote. A little more feedback and I re-wrote again. Finally it seemed we had it sussed between us. I set to and did a batch over a week or so and submitted them.

And most exciting of all, I was given a proper product review to do! This was fantastic news. The Editor said he’d set it up with the importer and let me know the details. Finally we were making real progress!

And then it went quiet. No more communication. I wrote after a two or three weeks of nothingness, just reminding him of where we were at, any feedback on the mini review re-writes? Any news on setting up the product review? He emailed back, busy time, lots going on, leave it with him, he’d be in touch soon. So I did.

Another three weeks silence and I wrote again last week. Nothing.

So right now, just after feeling that we’d finally got the writing career just off the ground and teetering a foot or so in the air everything has gone into complete stasis again. All I can do is sit and wait and hope he finds time to get around to me. My thinking is that he’s flat out with things that are happening Right Now. It’s all publishing deadlines and panic and I suspect the temptation is to leave things that are not immediately vital to this months forthcoming magazine on the back burner. Trouble is, we’re going off the boil back here. I’ll write again soon but after three months of trying to do something with this guy I’m beginning to have to accept that it’s just not happening.

Job seeking.

Job seeking has become quite scary frankly. There is just nothing out there! My two or three job applications a week have dwindled to one a fortnight at best. This is not good. Green shoots Mr. Brown? I don’t think so.


Holding up. Still depleting obviously, but we’re ok for a few more months yet without panicking. After that? Well after that I guess I shall have to kill the Polite Hatchback and eat it. Or to be more precise sell it and use the money to continue to pay for life’s little luxuries such as food. I don’t want to think about that to be honest and thankfully for the moment I don’t have to. But it’s on the periphery of my mind.

The Blonde.

She’s still amongst us, bless her. I feel sad sometimes that I can’t treat her to, well, treats I suppose. I hate having to share the cost of our (very) occasional meals out. I know it’s not a problem for her but I’d rather it wasn’t even a question. I also feel mildly uncomfortable with the fact that all the while she’s known me I’ve been unemployed. She’s never seen me with a job and for someone who’s worked in one capacity or another from my first paper-round aged twelve right up until May this year I find this oddly dis-quietening and with her in full time employ, slightly unbalancing. It’s not the best dynamic but neither is it a huge issue so hey ho.

WHHHoooooooooooosssSSHH And we’re back to normal speed. Welcome to August, there, that wasn’t so bad was it?

What you will be getting now is real time updates. Maybe not every day, there’s only so much “Got up, checked the job sites, had a bit of a tidy round and gave the car a clean” you can take so from now on I shall update more or less as it happens and when it happens.

But stay tuned, lets see where we go from here!


8 Responses to “A month in one day.”

  1. lost Says:

    re the Blonde/unemployment: all I can say is that the relationship that became my marriage was at similar times of uncomfortable transition for me, and then later DH, and frankly, we’ve grown together through that. There are bad roads to go down (reliance, resignation) but avoid those and what she will see (most likely) is a man whose coping, striving and developing, facing adversity with gusto and ingenuity. Its all very sexy frankly.

  2. houndog Says:

    I don’t want to be negative about the scribbling opportunities BUT even the Rupert Murdoch empire is losing billions.

    Perhaps the editor is hard at work “networking” himself?

  3. Rob C Says:

    I know it’s easy to say but things will get better!

    Keep working on your reviews, build up a little ‘portfolio’ of them so you are prepared. There are lots of Fora (Watches,Cars,etc) where you will be appreciated whilst gaining experience.

    Just my 2c,


  4. clare Says:

    Felt more positive after this post. Yesterdays had me, almost, sobbing (and I am not the sobbing type).

  5. clare Says:

    Felt more positive after this post. Yesterdays had me, almost, sobbing (and I am not the sobbing type).
    Blonde situation looks good to me. I have experience v. close to home of the gold digging types…..can be hard work once the bloke is snared……enough is never enough YKWIM?

    Writing for pay doesn’t have to be in ”a mag within ones specialism”.
    You are able write about all sorts of things.
    Your blokey style is quite endearing too…normally I would have taken slight (very slight mind) offence at some of the words used in describing the date around blondes house…but the ”wobbly ” descrip bit drew me back.

    Next step could be honing the writing skills? Any decent courses nearby, summer school? I reckon you would enjoy it. Writing to briefs outside of ones comfort zone etc …all good practise.

    Anyway, I was reading about your hometown over the weekend (i will PM you link via MSE) and it is an area not only being affected by the downturn but by changes in ‘trends’ etc.

    It got me thinking…..

  6. clare Says:

    PS Forgot to say…daily is good..you know? So we remember to log in šŸ˜‰

  7. Phirefly Says:

    I agree with FC (as ever). If you can, do try to keep as daily as possible. It doesn’t have to be a repetetive account of the minutae of every day life, but rather a daily update on your perspective. Whats going through your mind? What little incident did you notice that’s sparked a train of thought?

    Yes its more challenging than gathering material which draws on interesting developments on your main themes (as you said, there isn’t necessarily going to be a development EVERY day) but rising to the challenge of recording observations based on sometimes very little will inprove your skills and keep the audience with you.

    Plus checking in here has become an integral part of my procrastination schedule which goes (in no particular order) hotmail>outlook>facebook>MSE>Rightmove>Drapers Jobs>Retail Choice>blogger>Charlie Croker etc etc (and then repeat until Mr P comes home and pretend I’ve been nose to the grind all day). So I’d be sad if there wasn’t an update every day….

  8. charliecroker Says:

    Alright alright, I’ll see what I can do. šŸ˜€

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