Monday comes, and with no news from BMW I put a call in but the sales manager is not available so I leave a message. No point worrying about it, it’s out of my hands now.

I run through my re-written article and fire it off to The Editor. Fingers crossed he’ll like this version. Time will tell.

Talking of The Editor, the post has brought a DVD ROM with a host of magazine articles for me to have a crack at. I load it up and have a scan through. This feels like a little bit of progress and I’m sure I can do something useful with these.

An email from The Blonde too. Seems I’ve not scared her off yet with my limited dietary requirements and naff jokes. I suggest an evening at mine and she readily agrees. Oh well, I seem to have passed that interview at least!

I spend the afternoon reading and jotting down notes from the reviews and then putting them into my own words, trying to sum up the products in about a fifth of the words originally used. The idea is that the mini reviews will be used to sell full reviews on line. I figure I’ll do half a dozen initially and then sent them off to The Editor for approval. No point banging on through if I’m not on the right lines. I put BMW out of my head for the moment and crack on.

Outside the long hot summer is already proving to be neither long nor hot, and I’m starting to really feel that it’s time to be getting back to earning some income again.


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One Response to “Monday”

  1. clare Says:

    Wishing best of luck with the writing.

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