Back at BMW…


I’m through to the sales manager at BMW. Would there be any movement toward a decision yet, at all, per chance, perhaps, would there, maybe? I ask.

He’s very honest and very open with me. Seems I’m well in the running. However there’s a guy from Mercedes who’s in pole position, but for one snag. He wants more than they’re willing to offer and won’t settle for less, and they’re not going to budge. Seems the ball is in Mr. Mercedes court, if he’ll bend on the payscale then it sounds like the job is his. If he sticks to his guns then he’s off the playing field and it’s open season again. They’re meeting him again over the weekend with a view to nailing it down one way or the other.

“Sorry I can’t be more specific than that” says my man from BMW, “but that’s the situation at the moment and of course I’ll let you know as soon as I do”. Fair enough, I can’t ask for any more than that, the nail biting will just have to go on a little longer, although I’m up to my wrists already and my watch keeps falling off. I’m well aware that, in the short term at least, this is the last chance (BMW) saloon. With MINI gone it’s this or the dole queue for a bit longer. Or maybe a lot longer…

I put the phone down and scan through the on line job sites again, but there’s nothing leaping out at me.

Come on BMW I mutter, I need this now.


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2 Responses to “Back at BMW…”

  1. Phirefly Says:

    At least it seems they’re being honest with you which is refreshing. I’ve been for so many jobs that have got as far as the discussing-a-start-date stage before fizzling into nothing without explanation.

    Must be frustrating though – I can’t decide if I want the weekend they’re meeting him to be this one coming or the one just gone….

    What else is going on outside of being dangled on a sting by German motor retailers?

  2. Colonel Panic Says:

    You seem like a stoic kinda chap Charlie but my advice (for what little its worth) is don’t let too much hope hang on this BMW position. I actually didn’t really expect to get the job I’m in now – its in another industry and in the public sector (I was working in the commercial sector).

    In fact there were an awful lot of other interviews before it that on balance of probability, I’d have expected to get before this one. You might be really lucky and get offered this one, but it would be execptionally lucky in terms of the very short timeframe you’ve been looking.

    Not that my fingers aren’t crossed for you …

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