A MINI phone call.


At 10am on Friday morning my mobile finally shrills into life. Fumbling for it i shakily hit “answer”. “H-hello, Charlie Croker speaking?” It’s The Blonde, wanting to know if I’ve heard anything yet. “Get off the bloody phone woman!!” I scream. In my head. I politely give her the no news verdict and place the phone back on my desk beside me. Two minutes later it rings again. “What does she want now?” I sigh to myself before answering its strident call. It’s MINI.

In fact the Dealer Principle of MINI no less. is that a good thing? I guess I’m about to find out.

A little preamble, great to meet on Tuesday, very impressed, just the sort of chap they’re looking for, think I’d be perfect for the job. Yes? Yes? Go on!

As were two others they talked to. “We’d happily give the job to any of the three of you in a heartbeat” he goes on, “but sadly of course we could only pick one”.

It’s not going to be me is it, I think.

And I’m right, it isn’t.

He’s genuinely apologetic and I believe him when he tells me how sorry he is that he couldn’t take me on this time. Could he keep my details in case anything changes? Absolutely of course I respond. We talk a moment or two longer, I stress that if anything comes up in the future I’d be delighted to be considered and then the call ends.



I really wanted that job and whilst he could just have been being polite, I really do think it was a very close call between the top three. But as much as I try and instill upon myself the positive slant that it was great to get that close, the sad truth is there is no second place, only win or lose. And I lost.

Still nothing from BMW either, five days after they promised to call me “within a couple of days”.

Sod it, I’m going to call them right now.


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6 Responses to “A MINI phone call.”

  1. Phirefly Says:

    I’m more tense than a tense thing coiled in a spring in Tenseville.

  2. Colonel Panic Says:

    A couple of months ago I interviewed for a job that I really really wanted, with Nationwide Building Society through a recruitment agent. The agent called a few days later to say that they were not taking my application any further because although they were very impressed with my experience, knowledge of their company and thoroughness of my answers to their questions, “the answers you gave were too long and you spoke too quickly”.

    I replied that I was disappointed and a little confused – they hadn’t mentioned this during the interview (which finished on time). I asked the agent if that was the actual feedback that they gave to which he replied “Yep”. I contacted the HR department of the company and yes, that was the interviewers’ feedback.

    I told the HR lady that the feedback was probably the most unprofessional feedback I’ve ever received from an interview, but I said that if I ever apply for a mortgage from them, I’ll remember to “speak more slowly and use shorter sentences”!!

    The moral of the story is that if you’re a hiring company, either give good feedback on interviews or don’t give any feedback at all and face the consequences of giving candidates short-shrift after asking them to come and see you at their own expense.

    Giving badly thought-out, unhelpful or subjective feedback simply makes your company look inept.

  3. clare Says:

    Gutted for you…I feel it through your words.

    Fingers crossed for BMW. I think a big night out (or in) the blonde is in order here….just to distract you 😉

  4. Matt Says:

    Good luck with the BMW. Its always crushing when this happens. But, er, ‘At 10am on Friday morning’. Is this a live blog?

    • charliecroker Says:

      Nope, as mentioned before it’s a nearly live blog. 🙂

      I started the blog about two months after being made redundant, but at the point of being made redundant. I’ve been catching up ever since and it’s very close to “live” now…

  5. houndog Says:

    As a consolation prize ask for an all weekend test drive of the model with all the toys?

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