The silence of the dealers.


By Thursday evening I’ve taken to staring at my mobile phone trying to physically will it to ring.

Both BMW and MINI said they’d be in touch within “a couple of days”. I’ve heard nothing from either. But that’s good right? That means I’ve not been discounted yet. Right? Right…? Ring, phone, ring dammit!!

The editor’s been in touch though, my article has been rejected, it’s not what he had in mind. Fair enough, he’s the boss, although his guidance for a re-write seems to me to be slightly at odds with his original request. Not to worry, it’s up to me to create something that blows his skirt up so it’s back to the drawing board for that one. He’s sending me some product reviews to have a go at downsizing for the Internet however, so maybe that’ll come to something.

The Blonde has been in touch too. Seems the pork chops didn’t kill her and I’ve a reciprocal invitation to Blonde Towers for big eats at the weekend.

Just need that call now and life will be sweet.


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One Response to “The silence of the dealers.”

  1. Matt Says:

    Keep up the spirits bud. Even getting the two interviews in two weeks is still some achievement. Heres hoping for you 🙂

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