The morning after


It’s the morning after the day before (and the day before that!). I’m sat in my study at home toying with my mobile phone, urging it to ring.

I mull over the experience of the previous two days for the thousandth time. I’m sure I made a very strong showing on both occasions, I feel confident that I presented a very good case for myself and that both parties were impressed. I’ve no regrets or should’ves bothering me, I know it went well both times.

Working for BMW would be fantastic, a more interesting and up market range of cars, and a much bigger showroom in a much larger catchment area all boding well for high earning potential. And yet, and yet. The MINI showroom is much closer to home, the smaller set up felt far more personal and personable, the cars are much more of a unique product in the marketplace, and my product knowledge was already very strong with MINI.

The MINI job was The One for me I felt, the BMW a superb consolation prize should I be offered it if the MINI vacancy turned out to be a bust. Trouble was the BMW interview was first, and BMW were only interviewing three compared to MINI’s six, so chances were I’d hear from BMW sooner.

Logic dictates that I should simply grab the first job offered (if indeed I were offered either in the first place), but I really wanted that MINI position. I spoke to a good friend and mentor who’s been coaching me through my job hunting endeavours. He suggested that I grab the BMW job if it were offered, and then turn it down if MINI come up trumps afterward. Sound logic, but I couldn’t bring myself to agree to a job and then reject it, my word is my bond and all that.

I decided that if BMW called I’d let it go to answerphone and then give MINI a ring to see what the score was there before calling BMW back. If they were still undecided I’d grab the BMW position and not look back. The priority is simply to get a job, and the BMW position is more than just a job in any case.

Right now though, my Nokia was remaining resolutely silent. Still, no news is good news. Right..?


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7 Responses to “The morning after”

  1. Mr Bridgers Says:

    Just been catching up with your blog after a week away, excellent reading as always.

    In the event of you being offered the BMW job, I’d ring your contact at Mini and explain your situation and the fact that you’d prefer to work for them. After all if BMW recognise your worth this must add some weight to your cause.

    Good luck, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.


  2. charliecroker Says:

    Thank you Noel, good advice and pretty much what I’d decided to do, IF I were lucky enough to be offered it…

  3. Rob Stobbart Says:

    Don’t forget the small issue of a company car! The space-grey coupe with big alloys will look much nicer sat outside chez-croker than a Mini. Or are you thinking what the blonde will prefer….?

    Great blog by the way, look forward to the next installment.

  4. charliecroker Says:

    Good point, well made!


  5. clare Says:

    Man……the suspense is killing me. Do we find out tomo?

  6. Phirefly Says:

    I’m with FC… I can’t cope with this…

    When Mr P. got offered 4 sales jobs at once, he was completely up front with all parties concerned and displayed some true balls of steel when it came to laying it on the table with the company he really wanted.

    But I guess you’ve been there done that….

  7. charliecroker Says:

    Last time I tried displaying my true balls of steel it lead to an unfortunate arrest and an embarrassing court case…. 😀

    Just kidding. 🙂

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