A Mini interview!


The very next day I’m off to MINI for my other interview. I feel a little less fractious today having got my first ever interview (in twenty years) out of the way but still far from relaxed.

Leaving the Polite Hatchback marooned in a sea of primary coloured MINI Clubmans, Coopers and Convertibles I head into the showroom at the allotted hour, looking the part and ready to rock.

Same drill, I give my name to the pretty receptionist (brunette this time, still slim though, do they not feed receptionists?) and wait in the customer waiting area trying to concentrate on the riveting MINI finance brochure that seems to make up the only reading matter. But there the similarity ended.

After 10 minutes I’m summoned by the sales manager to his office where the general manager waits for us both. Immediately it feels a little more relaxed and friendly, the sales manager conducting the interview with the general manager merely interjecting a little now and then.

I’m told about the dealership, what their catchment area is, what they expect to sell a month, a little of how they operate. I try and ask a couple of what I hope are intelligent and considered questions.

Then in a complete reversal of the previous days experience they hand the floor over to me and sit there pretty much in silence for what must have been thirty minutes but felt like a day whilst I give them a full rundown of my history, my experience, my interest in cars, why I think I’d be good for the job, just talk talk talk. And with no feedback it’s so hard to judge the pace. Am I waffling? Is all this totally relevant? What bits should I be concentrating on? What do they need to hear? Am I leaving anything vital out?

When I finish they thank me very much and that really is about it! A little small talk and I’m out of there. Couldn’t be more different from the previous days experience.

Back in the Polite Hatchback I sit for a short while mulling over the last forty five minutes. I realise they’ve been quite clever really, letting me make the sale and judging me on that, after all, that’s what they want, someone who can make that sale, close the deal. I think it went well though, running through it all in my mind I got in pretty much everything that needed to be said and they seemed genuinely interested. And more than that I liked them, both of them. I liked the set up, I liked the people, I’ve always liked the product, hell, I bought one. Well, I chose one, my last company bought it.

I fire up PH with a guttural diesel growl and nose out of the car park and off the forecourt reluctantly. I’d be happy with BMW, truly I would, but I want this job.

Really really want it.


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One Response to “A Mini interview!”

  1. houndog Says:

    I guess that BMW and Mini are so up market that suggesting putting a rust bucket on the revolving display stand out at the front of the show rooms under a sign saying “We paid £2,000 for this” would not go down too well” as a marketing suggestion 🙂

    Perhaps “We paid an Oxbridge graduate £2,000 for this” might go down better.

    Or even “Paying an Oxbridge student £2,000 for this paid off one student loan & made his mum very happy”.

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