The driveby.

It’s the Sunday before my interviews and The Blonde is coming to dinner. I’ve stayed schtum about the BMW interview to most people, some weird superstition that if I tell everyone then it won’t happen. I’ve told The Blonde though.

I’ve got a strange urge to visit the showroom prior to the interview. I know where it is but I tell myself that I need to see the place beforehand, scout it out, learn the lie of the land. I’ve got a family event on the Sunday but there’s an hour or two spare afterwards. I text The Blonde and see if she’s up for a run over to the showroom before dinner. She’s game.

I collect her in the Polite Hatchback and we spear off up the motorway toward the nearby city where this particular BMW dealership is located. Swinging through the industrial estate I spy the plate glass palace awash with shiny new metal.

We park, disembark, and stroll through the forecourt my eyes lighting up at the proliferation of sleek executive expresses laid out about us, over to the showroom where we press our noses to the window. Inside is a delicious new convertible with the roof down, looking so good I want to lick it. The Blonde asks what it is and I explain that it’s the new Z4. She asks how I know and I joke that I know everything about cars. She points to the legend “the new Z4” emblazoned in large letters upon the rear numberplate. She’s not daft.

We complete our lap of the showroom and head back to my car. Just as we’re leaving I spot it, a mid grey metallic 3 Series coupe, big alloys, black leather and a sunroof. My car. It turns out to be an M3, perhaps that’s a tad ambitious!

Heading home we chat about the job, it has my name written all over it, I can feel it.

The evening passes in a blur of fine dining (pork chops, the house speciality) and good conversation, and The Blonde is whisked home at a timely hour. I return to peruse the automotive pronography that is, all in the name of research I tell myself.

I sleep well Sunday night, I’ve a good feeling about this job, and an even better feeling about The Blonde…


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3 Responses to “The driveby.”

  1. Phirefly Says:

    You sound more and more like Mr. P with each passing blog entry. He says things like “I know everything about cars” too. Although I put that down partially to the sea of car magazines taking over our house. He knows a lot about BMW retail too. And he could sell you the shirt on your back that you already own.

    SO I asked him last night if all things were equal and he had the option, would he plump for the Mini job or the BMW. After bickering that ‘well that’s a stupid question because all things won’t be equal’ he concluded that while he identifies more closely with BMW as a brand, (his Msport keyring is a bit of a giveaway… I know its naff but I couldn’t resist) a sales role could be more fruitful with Mini. He pointed out that your average mini customer may not be as knowledgeable or savvy, and will fall in love with the product and price will be a secondary concern. There are infinite add-ons and upselling opportunities, while this may also be true for all cars, its inherent in the mini-buying experience. As proven by the fashion retail head office where I contract, every second car in the carpark is a mini (the other 50% are fiat 500s and beetles YAWN) and they are all owned by women who know a lot about fashion retail and not a lot about cars. I doubt many of them were thinking about residuals, MPG and BHP when they were selecting their jazzy decals and interior trim. I was a mini owner myself so I’m allowed to take the Michael.

    It could be a more rounded sales experience too as you’ve got so many angles to come at it from. All vehicle sales involve selling a lifestyle to a certain degree, but none moreso than Mini. He thinks it would be easier to shift 5 Minis than 1 M5.

    That said, he concluded that since he couldn’t fit his stupidly long legs in a Mini, if he had no choice but to drive demos on rotation, he’d take the BMW job anyday.

    Lets hope you’re faced with the luxury of choice….

    • charliecroker Says:

      PF, thank you. I think Mr. P has it spot on, BMW would be more interesting and maybe better cars, MINI however are a unique product and as he says, bought with the heart not the head.

      Over 10 years of Evo magazine and Car magazine here, I’ve taken to storing the bulk of them in the loft! 😀

  2. Pat (MSE) Says:

    On the other hand, I bet a lot of BMWs are company owned, where they will pay for the prestige, and not let a little thing like a recession cramp their style too much. Depending on your area, if you could get a foot in the fleet market you’d be made for life. Not many fleet Minis around I’d guess.

    Also, picking up on PF’s other point, you did say you are 6’3″!

    My OH would divorce me for even typing this, given he owns three classic Minis, and says rude words about “typical BMW drivers” when they cut him up!

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