A Mini Adventure


Dear Mr Croker
We are holding interviews next Tuesday and Wednesday and would like to arrange a mutually convenient appointment to discuss further your application. These would be first interviews and would envisage initially them to be for approximately 40 minutes in which we would like you to present to myself and Dave Blackberry, Sales Manager why you would be the ideal candidate for the position.
If you could please contact Kat Hew on 01234 567890 to arrange an appointment

The very next day another interview request! I am on fire! MINI this time, fantastic cars, I ran a Cooper S for a while. Great dealership too, and much more local than the BMW job.

This is absolutely unbelievable!!


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8 Responses to “A Mini Adventure”

  1. Colonel Panic Says:

    If ‘Dave Blackberry’ and ‘Kat Hew’ are real people’s names, I’d change them quick-sharp. You’d be shocked by what shows up in google searches.

    But yay! Seems like the postbox works after all.

  2. lost Says:

    Hey….so much happening! Fingers crossed Charlie. so many questions though: like how tall ARE you? I’d buy a car from you. Talking to car sales people lot ATM and they generally aren’t that engaging. 😉

  3. London Agent Says:

    Well done Charlie, been reading your blog for the last couple of weeks and I am really pleased for you. Good Luck!

  4. charliecroker Says:

    Names changed to protect the innocent, fear not. 😀

    That’s not the actual phone number either… 😉

    Oh, and 6ft 3ins 🙂

  5. Phirefly Says:

    Great stuff. At this rate you’ll be doing a Mr. Phirefly and find yourself going from sudden redundancy to a position of having to choose between loads of great opportunities. After his 4th job offer he said and I quote: “I might just carry on going to interviews for sport”.

    The downturn is sorting the wheat from the chaff and this seems to be evident in sales roles where those who are seriously underperforming are being replaced by the likes of you.

  6. clare Says:

    If (big if, but then we like to think positive on this blog) you got offered both, would you select based on company car perks or basic salary level (then comm on top)……as T

  7. clare Says:

    Continued as it bleeped out and my post vanished…………as I was saying…….as The Polite Hatch seems to tick most boxes, driving wise.

    Would it come down to the product you would prefer to sell regardless of perks?

    Of course we don’t ‘count chickens’….I don’t anymore as they tend to get diseases at the last moment once one gets to the final total. Kind of…hey…1000 chickens……o dear….1000 dead ones. 1 live one is better.

  8. lost Says:

    re cars I wasunder impression that practice now was to drive the demos on a rotational basis of model as your company car?

    Oh, so tall Charlie, lovely! I married aguy only a wee bit taller than myself, I’m taller than him in heels. 😦 I’m shocked I fell for a shortarse, but he has other qualities. and we both drive the car without having to adjust the seat 😉 🙂

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