The call.


I’m halfway through my dinner when my mobile shrills the gaudy ringtone of Austin Powers communicator in his Shaguar. Yes, I was so bored I really did record it off the telly one day and download it as my phone ringtone.

Fork paused halfway to my mouth I consider letting it go to answerphone but, well, you never know.

Grabbing the phone I answer it and find myself speaking to the sales manager of a BMW dealership. Yes he got my application for their Sales Executive vacancy, yes he likes my CV, and he’s currently going through the top ten applicants and giving them a ring with a view of whittling it down to three to interview.

OH. MY. GOD!!!

We talk, he tells me about the job, I tell him about my career history, we chat some more, joke a little, we get on. Frankly, we’re talking the same language. At the end of a half hour call that he seems genuinely sorry to have to close he invites me to the dealership next Monday for a formal interview with the Dealer Principle and himself. Could I be there at 2:30pm? I’m sure I could manage that, and thank you very much. The call ends.



I’ve been applying for many different car brands from Peugeot to Proton. Sales is my bag and cars are my great interest, so what could be better than combining the two?

But BMW!? Fan-bloody-tastic!!!!!

Mustn’t get too excited, mustn’t get too excited, early days now, deep breaths, calm, calm…

I wonder what sort of company car I’d get with them? BMW obviously, but which model? I could just see a 3 Series coupe parked out front in place of the Polite Hatchback. Black leather, sunroof, dark tinted glass, ohh baby.

Stop it! For goodness sake man you’ve not even got to the interview yet and you’re choosing your car now? Have a word with yourself.

I return to my cold dinner and chew thoughtfully.

Yes, mid grey metallic with big alloys. Perfect.


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5 Responses to “The call.”

  1. Colonel Panic Says:

    Get in there like swimwear!

  2. Pat (MSE) Says:

    Wow! Attaboy! Positive mental attitude and all that.

    Blondie is going to be well impressed!

    Hope you don’t close the blog when you get the job!

  3. Phirefly Says:

    Can’t fault your choice of colour, but I’m more of a 335 Touring girl myself. Seriously though, I’m absolutely thrilled and will be rooting for you on Monday. As much as I’d love all this to turn into a fairytale where your blog gets picked up by one of the nationals and you become MSE’s answer to Danny Wallace, I’m also a realist and don’t want to see Dopester rubbing his paws together with glee when you’re forced to STR!!!!

  4. clare Says:

    Hey….best of for Monday…and the dinner a deux on Sunday.

    Are you doing a roasty dinner for her? Go easy on the bisto, stuffing and roast potatoes if you are. Don’t want post Sunday Dinner tummy wind during Mondays interview.

    Pls don’t stop the blog either….it could just morph into chat about something else. Mid Life dating issues, being the mid life newbie in a firm etc.

  5. prs1 Says:

    An entertaining read. But Dealer Principal, surely?!

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