Postman Pat?


I spent two days writing and fine tuning my article before submitted it to The Editor. Total silence is the response, but I’m getting used to that, he’s clearly a very busy chap.

A few more job applications have been written and posted, surely someone at some point is going to be interested? I follow up some previous hopeful applications with a phone call but get the usual rebuttal. Inundated with response, working through them now, will be in contact if we wish to take it any further, thank you for your interest.

I’ve got another date with The Blonde though, she’s coming to dinner chez moi on Sunday. Time was second date would be a nice meal somewhere classy but needs must and she was understanding of my situation when I explained it to her on our first date. I arrange to pick her up at hers and whisk her home in the Polite Hatchback.

I’ve also taken up walking, keen to stay fit and active (or at least able to keep up with The Blonde) and get out and about a bit (plus it’s free). And have discovered I can traverse my home town through a labyrinth of paths and cut throughs that I never knew existed until I started this. Fascinating. Maybe I could get a job as a postman?

I check the Royal Mail web site later, no vacancies whatsoever.

Oh well, it was just a thought.


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2 Responses to “Postman Pat?”

  1. Phirefly Says:

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying your walking, what with getting in shape and this blossoming friendship, the positives might start outweighing the negatives of your predicament soon if you’re not careful.

    Since my contracts have been reduced, currently I’m probably doing half the hours a week than I was before and I’ve re-discovered things like walking the dog for pleasure rather than squeezing it in out of necessity. I get a calm, satisfied feeling from the laundry being permanently up-to-date. I’ve always loved visiting the librabry but now I’m positively savouring it. And For the first time in a very long time I’m getting my moneysworth out of my gym membership. I’d be out on my recently aquired bike every day too, but until Mr. P builds me a shed, I’m not carting it up and down the stairs every time I fancy a pootle.

    The reduction in income means that I’m not plotting my usual schemes – the next holiday – the next home improvement etc etc and god forbid the Phiremobile packs up as there’ll be no fixing/replacing it. But while I can tick over financially, I’m going to enjoy the free time.

  2. Pat (MSE) Says:

    So what are you cooking for her?

    Don’t forget to whizz the hoover round too, clean the bathroom etc.

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