It’s a date.


We have communication from The Editor! A few more emails desperately pinged in his direction have finally elected a response and he wants a piece on offer making in purchasing. A slightly tricky one this as making an offer generally constitutes ringing up and, err, making an offer. No matter, we’ll pad it out with plenty of good info on how to spot the best purchases ripe for a low offer and how to go about the process. This is very good news and I set to my keyboard immediately.

Meanwhile, in other news, I also have a date! My vastly increased free time has lead to various nefarious web based activities including furtively hanging around on line dating sites scrolling through endless local single women trying to find one that isn’t either desperate for marriage and babies tomorrow or so hung up on her previous relationships that every line of her profile screams “stay away”.

This one seems quite normal (although I’ve fallen for that before). Her profile is well written and intelligent, and whilst slightly worryingly there’s no photo (not generally a good sign) her description has her as 6ft tall blonde, and best of all, she’s not down as “slim” either. I’ve never understood the skinny women obsession, what’s wrong with woman shaped women? A rapid and positive exchange of messages segues smoothly into an arranged meeting.

Arriving a few minutes early I begin to text her to let her know I’m here but before I get a chance to send I spy a tall blonde approaching. A not unattractive tall blonde at that. Heelloo…

It’s her, and as it’s a nice evening she suggests a walk. She likes to walk does The Blonde, and we stride out together. She’s a quietly spoken sincere sounding and demure lady, not my usual type at all but intriguing non the less and clearly a lot cleverer than me. I manage to make her laugh though (in a good way I think) and the evening (and the mileage) progress well.

Still absolutely no potential job news, but things are looking up on the writing and social side at least.


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2 Responses to “It’s a date.”

  1. clare Says:

    Oooh 6′? How tall are you?

    Did you make a second date?
    Did she ask the dreaded Q…”and what do you do then?” If so, what did you reply?

    Good luck with the frelance sand sculpting I guess.

  2. Pat (MSE) Says:

    That’s your best bulletin yet! You can build on this I’m sure – I mean the writing for us sloppy females, but also the relationship sounds promising.

    How about writing a book? You have the time, and you obviously have the talent.

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