I’m starting to think that the postbox down the road isn’t connected to anything. In my minds eye the box was cut off from the post office system years ago, and instead merely links to a vast underground abyss that gradually fills with the offerings posted into it daily. Years of unseen birthday cards, subscription offers and letters fester and rot, composting from the bottom up as my latest job application floats serenely down to rest atop the huge waste dump of centuries of uncollected mail.

Or am I getting just a tad paranoid?

Either way, there seems to be a somewhat stony silence from the worlds employers to the golden opportunity of adding me to their workforce.

I follow up some recent applications with a phone call to HR. They’re clearly all reading off the same hymn sheet, the message comes back the same each time. Inundated with applications. Working through them at the moment. If I’ve not heard from them within a fortnight I’m to assume my application is going no further. Thank you for your interest. Goodbye.

Perhaps I’ll try a new postbox…


3 Responses to “Disconnected.”

  1. Colonel Panic Says:

    Now according to recruitment agents (I refuse to call them recruitment ‘consultants’ because they are not consultants), you have just laid out the case for using them rather than approaching the employer directly.

    I’m ambivalent towards using agents – when they’re not interested they treat you like a rash. When they are interested they’re all over you like a rash. But they are a necessary evil because they are a primary filter for all of the job applications from people applying from Guangdong and Gujarat searching job boards looking for keywords and throwing their applications over like a monkey throwing mud at a wall (even though they don’t have UK work permits).

    According to my experience, finding a job is about the law of big numbers – get your CV out to as many people as you can – including agents. You can always withdraw it later when you get something.

  2. clare Says:

    Love this post.
    Any possibility of creating your own job?
    Even just part-time, something seasonal, thinking an ice cream van round if avilable. Mind you, aren’t they all run by some Ice Cream Mafia?.
    *Thinks again*

    B*** trips for visitors? Too much H + S probably plus you need a b***.

    Sandcastle sculptures…….and a discreet pail by the side of them for contributions from appreciative daytrippers.

    I’m stuck now but YKWIM?

  3. B Says:

    Max, I’ve been following your story. Given your obvious natural talents, have you ever thought of starting/running your own business?



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