The list.


Placed on the jobsite today:

Mealtime assistant

Care assistant

Firearms licencing clerk (!?)

Female play support worker

Be a property professional (training course)

Assistant countryside policy officer

Medical tele-inverviewers

Auto technician

Female relief out of hours and sleep in workers

Registered nurses

Learning support manager

Head of employer training

Trading standards officer – Animal health advice

Educational psychologist

Lecturer in brickwork

Vegetable grower (seriously!)

Support workers

Teacher education manager

Fire control operators

Nursery nurses

Become a driving instructor! (Training course)

Your new career as a plumber starts here (Training course)

College Respect Coordinator (good grief)

Experienced hair stylist

Law costs draftsman

Community care staff


Avon reps (Ding dong, Avon calling)


Lecturer in Police studies

Assistant lawyer/solicitor

Composting in schools officer (a what now?)

Portage home visitor

Finance officer

Commercial tyre fitter

IT support technician

Debt collectors (a growth industry I should imagine)

House matron (insert Carry On reference here)

DJ and promotional manager

Web site designer/developer


Dental nurse

I’d never realised before just how unsuited I am to real life.

I’ll try again tomorrow…


7 Responses to “The list.”

  1. clare Says:

    Just reading the list made me laugh..then I realised they were real jobs, all of them, not a piccy mix jokey list mixed up with real jobs.

    I am out of touch too CC, don’t worry. In fact, if my business goes downside up, I am going to be double stuffed.

    Reading back, the debt collection sounds the most secure…but I have read that you earn a very low basic and then commission on payments collected. Now, that sounds a bit tricky to me. Almost Dickensian.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.
    Perhaps the Composting in Schools Officer? As second choice of course.

  2. charliecroker Says:

    That was genuinely an unedited list of all the jobs available on one day in the whole county a few days ago. As I read it I just put my head in my hands…



  3. clare Says:

    Perhaps adding the hourly pay rate would add to the list? No, that may make me just want to sob instead.

    I will post on MSE thread later on as I had a thought…a random one. Don’t want to sticky it here.

  4. Pat (MSE) Says:

    I’d be very tempted by the College Respect Coordinator. If nothing else, think of the material you’d get for your blog.

  5. andy Says:

    I’d go for the job for the female relief out of hours.

  6. houndog Says:

    Is “Matron” a sexist position, rather than a unisex one?

  7. houndog Says:

    Ah let me try again, I have a feeling the net nanny did not like my previous attempt.

    Is “Matron” a politically incorrect gender specific job description.

    I think “Charlie” probably has the management skills to have the other “nurses” working their sox off in the care home/borstal/prison/boarding school.
    Probably comes with free accommodation too.

    Rent out the “property” and get some other wage slave to pay the mortgage?

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