Fuel for thought.


The job hunting continues apace. What’s interesting is that despite all the doom and gloom, there are actually a few jobs out there. Of course many of these jobs are recreated from the earlier panic laying off of staff that lots of companies fretfully indulged in, so for every job placed there’s a whole host of extra displaced employees joining the eager scrum.

Non the less, there’s a gentle flow of CV’s dropping hollowly into the postbox down the road, we’re not completely without hope here.

The other good news is that despite a slightly indulgent car purchase (it was an offer, and a car, I just couldn’t refuse), the war chest is bearing up as well as can be expected. The slow drip from the DHSS might be derisory, but it’s at least partly slowing the outbound flow of cash from my savings. The tide of expense over income might be rising, but I was still comfortably on dry land, for the moment at least.

And the car, frankly, is brilliant! By necessity it’s far less flash and much more sensible than the diet of snazzy company cars I used to race about in, this one is a practical anonymous honest to goodness diesel hatchback (with a few nice toys on it). Cheap to run, cheap to insure, quiet, comfortable and surprisingly pleasant to trundle about in, and it’s the first car I’ve had with rear doors for as long as I can remember after a decade or two of company funded coupes, convertibles and hot hatches. Polite, I decide, is the word. It’s a Polite Hatchback and I like it very much.

New appreciation of sensible practical motoring (along with a receding hairline) must be a facet of impending middle age as well as circumstance I decide, a point underscored when I realise with shock that instead of boasting about the 0-60 time, I actually showed off to my similar aged best mate the bag hooks in the boot that stop your shopping lolling about. Worse still, he was genuinely impressed! Now that is worrying…

Still hurts when I have to fill it up with my own money though…


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4 Responses to “Fuel for thought.”

  1. Johnny Says:

    A very good read, keep it up.

  2. tinks Says:

    Came here ‘cos you were recommended.

    Good insights. Keep it up. Good look with the search.

  3. Al Says:

    Never mind the shopping hooks, the heated leather seats get my vote! Keep on writing…Al xxx

  4. geoff Says:

    welcome to the real world where you find out just how valued you are.. and the reality of trying to live on social security..not easy is it? but dont worry as brown has it fixed..whats a trillion here and there amongst friends…keep up the good work…or lack of it..

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