Stop the presses!


This is absolutely fantastic, I’m in London in a huge office complex, and I’m in a lift!!! Now that may sound like the crazed enthusiasm of a country bumpkin in the big city to you dear reader (and there are those that would agree with you regardless), but the thing is this. I’m actually in the lift in my car, how amazing is that!?

I’d zipped through the West End, crossed the river and my trusty TomTom with installed comedy John Cleese voice had guided me neatly to the building of a large publishing conglomerate. “You have reached your destination” intoned John. “You may get out now” he went on, “but I’m not going to carry your bags for you. From now on, you’re on your own“. That always makes me chuckle but I’d not got out, the car park attendant had directed me to a car sized lift and here I was, going down three floors, still sat in the motor. Cool.

I’d been quietly writing a column for a magazine for a little while, just for fun really although the small stipend it brought in each month was certainly not unwelcome. But now I was out of work it was time to see whether there was any mileage in upping the dosage, seeing if I couldn’t expand my journalistic bent and earn some proper money from it. It had taken some setting up, an editors time is not his own it seems, but finally we’d agreed a date and here I was.

A person sized lift took me up to the vast entrance lobby and reception checked me in (complete with instant photo visitor identity badge, this was the funkiest building I’d ever been in). I was early but Mr. Editor came straight down and greeted me enthusiastically. We’d met before briefly once or twice, but this was the first time I’d been to his lair. Back in the lift up to his office he enthused about the magnificent new building they were currently operating out of, and not without justification.

We reached his operation, he introduced me to the staff, and then we went to his office and talked. A keen and enthusiastic chap of around my age, he had plans for the mag, good plans and I could see great merit in the way he wished to develop things. Could I be a part of that? It seemed possible. Budgetary restraints meant no chance of employment but freelance work was certainly on the cards.

We went for lunch at the restaurant at the top of the building and ate with a spectacular view across the city. We talked more of his plans and ideas, discussed how I might be able to help. Their website was due for development, there might be some editorial needed working on there, it might be possible at some stage that I could get involved in a little freelance reviewing for them (how great would that be?), maybe I could write some articles about the sales side (that being an area in which I have some experience).

We returned to his office and discussed things further before he had to return to the business of his day. I bade him farewell and took the lift back to the carpark. Nothing concrete but I felt things had gone well. From little acorns and all that.

When I got home I dropped him an email thanking him for his time and expressing my enthusiasm to “get on board”.

A week later and still no reply.



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14 Responses to “Stop the presses!”

  1. digger Says:

    charlie,come and have a look here

    you may enjoy it.

  2. charliecroker Says:

    Wow, I’m famous! Sort of…

    Many thanks for that Digger, that’s brilliant, I shall follow that thread with interest. πŸ™‚



  3. lost Says:

    Hello Charlie. Found my way here. πŸ™‚

  4. charliecroker Says:

    Lost no more then, welcome aboard!

  5. clare Says:

    Hey…others have found you too plus the HPC bloke.

  6. charliecroker Says:

    T’would seem so. It’s all good! πŸ™‚

  7. Al Says:

    So pleased your blog is being spotted Charlie, happy blogging, and loads of luck in your job search. Al xxx

  8. charliecroker Says:

    Aww, thanks Al.

    CC xxx

  9. Survive Unemployment Says:

    Sounds like a scam like so many others. I feel for you.

  10. Alice Says:

    I found you through HPC also…. please keep this up it is really interesting.

  11. Phirefly Says:

    Another MSE stalwart signing in for duty… Keep it up, chap.

  12. Its a dog's life Says:

    Hope you remembered to pay the central London zone charge.
    Believe me, because I know, you will feel a right Charlie is the three really good quality photos of you in the new car turn up in the mail.

  13. Mr Bridgers Says:

    Looks like you’ve got quite a following over on HPC already, heres hoping it leads to bigger things my friend.

    Any news from the publishing company yet btw?

  14. charliecroker Says:

    Watch this space Mr. Bridger sir, all will be revealed in good time πŸ™‚

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