Hitting the ground running


The trick, I decided, was not to be down about the situation I found myself in, but to treat it as a life experience, an adventure, a new beginning. They say that when one door closes and another one opens, so bring it on.

I had a months notice period at work, and it was time to abuse it to the max. 1/2 hour in the morning dealing with company stuff then hit the Internet, the job sites, the recruitment agencies, get that CV dusted down and polished up and lets find that new career. Yeah, go me!

I knew the market I worked in was a non starter, too high end, too discretionary, too dead. But sales is sales right? I’m a master negotiator, I’ve got transferable skills, simply a case of stepping sideways into a similar role in an alternative market. No sweat.

The next four weeks flew by in a flurry of activity. Web sites were scoured, introductory letters were written, CV’s rained into the postbox in a tidal wave of hope over experience. The hardest bit was going to be choosing who to work for next surely? Should I go for the biggest salary or the most convenient location? I decided I’d see who offered the best company car.

When the day came to leave I felt good, I was prepared, I was ready to face the new dawn of opportunity. So it was a pity really that there was none. My carefully crafted and really quite truthful CV elicited a very constant response rate. Zero. Hmmm… this was going to be tougher than I’d thought.

It seems that these days when one door closes, all the rest slam in your face too.



3 Responses to “Hitting the ground running”

  1. clare Says:

    Liking the postbox 😉

  2. Pat (MSE) Says:

    Spine chillingly well written. Keep up the great work.

  3. charliecroker Says:

    Thank you Pat, that’s very kind of you. 🙂

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